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Feel good about smiling: Merivale Denture Clinic

Dentures are often thought of as something that look like teeth and will help you eat a little better, but there’s a lot more to them.


Senior clinical dental technician Thomas Gu of the Merivale Denture Clinic says dentures are precision oral prosthesis. They restore lost function of the mouth and teeth and also influence the way a person’s face looks. Tom specialises in complex treatments including implant supported prosthesis, cosmetic and customised dentures.

“Dentures are prosthetics for your mouth and their fit is an exacting science. The perfect denture is paramount not only for looks but for your overall health and quality of life.”

Merivale Denture Clinic only uses the highest quality materials, tools and equipment in conjunction with leading edge science and technology such as 3D printing, digital scanners and the latest CAD/CAM software.

With more than a decade of experience that’s ranged from working in private practice to leading the Oral Prosthetic Department at the dentistry school at the University of Otago, you can have complete confidence in Tom’s specialist skills and in depth knowledge.

Feel good about your smile again and give Merivale Denture Clinic a call to meet Tom for an obligation-free first consultation, 03 355 4704 or visit


The name says it all: Bradley Wood Dentists

In the past, wearing braces on the teeth was a daunting prospect, and achieving the desired outcome could take a long time. Fortunately for us, Bradley Wood Dentists offers patients the Fastbraces system, and true to its name, it’s a gamechanger for those requiring braces.



The average treatment with standard issue braces lasts two years, and many people have their braces even longer.

With Fastbraces, some patients have completed their orthodontic care in as little as 20 weeks.

With traditional braces, teeth are moved in stages, and each stage takes time to complete, but with Fastbraces, the crowns and roots can be moved at the same time, saving patients’ time and money.

Another point of difference is their special triangular brackets. This affects the forces exerted by the arch-wire, as well as using the flexibility of the wire.

Dentist Anthony Wood says the revolutionary system also allows for far fewer extractions. “We seldom do extractions. In the last five years, we’ve done only three to four [extractions].”

Over 50 percent of the business’ patients accessing Fastbraces are in the 30-plus-years bracket, which proves that no matter what age we are, we all just want to smile with confidence.

Bradley Wood Dentists is located at 252 Papanui Road, phone (03) 355 7890 or visit the website.


The optimum for oral health: Dentistry on Merivale

You may have had a filling, or a crown, or a veneer, or even a root canal done. You take care of your teeth, see a hygienist and have regular check-ups. You’re on the right track for dental health. But just what is in these products? Dentistry on Merivale chooses a healthy alternative to traditional metals.


Dr. David Walsh BSC DMD (Canada, 1987)


Evidence shows filling materials of nearly any type can very slowly break down in the mouth over time, releasing minute amounts of the filling/restorative material/cement into the mouth and hence into the body.

So material should be as biocompatible as possible to avoid any toxicity or sensitivity. Most composites (typically used for tooth-coloured fillings these days) contain chemicals such as BPA, TEGDMA, HEMA, phthalates and, sometimes, even titanium dioxide, all or any of which many people try to avoid.

Amalgam contains about 50 percent mercury by weight, along with silver and other metals.
Even many cements used to fix crowns to teeth can contain some of these chemicals.

Biologic dentistry is a practice which uses materials as safe for the body as possible, while still allowing for excellent
clinical results.

Dentistry on Merivale shares this approach, and sources its materials from manufacturers like Saremco in Switzerland.

Its restorative system is reported to be the only one, currently, where every component is HEMA and TEGDMA free, and is even designed to resist
enzymatic dissolution.

Why not choose the healthier alternative, as Dentistry on Merivale has?


Is there something in your teeth? Dentistry on Merivale

Dentistry is one of the very few medical professions where a foreign material is placed in a patient’s body and then left there permanently for years, if not decades. Add to this the fact that the environment in which this happens is routinely subject to extremes of abrasion, temperature, acidity, bacteria, enzymes and all the other nuances of the oral environment.


Recent evidence has now shown that nearly all composite materials (“white fillings”, as well as many crown cements) contain and potentially release into the body phthalates such as Bisphenol-A (BPA), as well as titanium dioxide, HEMA and TEGDMA. Which some studies have shown may cause toxicity.

At Dentistry on Merivale they search the world for dental materials that are as non-toxic as possible, while still allowing full restoration of the dentition.

Early last year Dr David Walsh was introduced to a holistic composite and bonding system out of Switzerland called Saremco, which is entirely free of HEMA, TEGDMA, BPAs and titanium dioxide.

At the time it was not available in New Zealand, so Dr Walsh imported it himself for a clinical trial. Upon finding it an excellent system, he established Bioholistic New Zealand Ltd to import it as a source for the New Zealand dental profession at large.

Saremco is available for purchase by the profession at Dr Walsh provides this information simply for the awareness of holistically-minded clients who may be facing some dental work and who are looking for the healthiest option.


The Dynamic Duo

Two of the top dogs of the dental world are teaming up to bring you a service like no other. Richard Greenlees from Lovebite and Dr. David Kao from Christchurch Boutique Dental are trailblazers in their field and it is safe to say they make quite the pairing – certainly one worth smiling about.



But to appreciate them as a team, you must first delve into who these professionals are individually.

Richard is a master dental technician who has people coming to see him from all over the world to have work done.

He recently was inducted into the Oral Design Group which consists of 80 hand-picked individuals around the globe.

On the other hand, Dr. David is a highly skilled dentist and one of the only people in the country in dentistry, who works under a microscope.

His forte is complex reconstructive procedures and he takes on referrals from dentists around the country.

For two people who are so used to being highly observant and precise, their meeting was rather serendipitous.

Dr. David travels around the world to find master technicians who can deliver the quality and precision he is looking for.

After years of visits, Dr. David was asked by one of the technicians he worked with “Why do you travel halfway around the globe when you can work with Richard Greenlees from Christchurch?”.

The pair use the latest technology, make everything in New Zealand and do not outsource their work to other countries; to give every patient the best result on the market.

A partnership like this is worth every praise as Richard explains, “The fact that we are working so closely together, is the best way to get a result.

No one else is doing that in the country; we really work on a one-on-one basis”.

The team work with patients who have lost all of their teeth or even those who need implants in the upper and lower jaw.

They completely replace their teeth with varying options from dentures that are clipped onto the implants to full Zirconia.

With any surgery that takes place, David proudly says “Everything that we do here is pre-planned digitally.

We take a full digital scan of the patients mouth and combine it with their CT scan.

So, we can place implants virtually on the computer, exactly where we would want it and then mould a guide.

We can then use that guide to direct the implant”.

Precision is key in what they do, this leaves room for next to no errors and ensures that every patient is getting a product that is tailored specifically for them.

Both parties have a shared interest in working to the highest possible standard and creating the most natural appearance that they can get in the mouth.

“Back in the day, people would approach it from a functional sense,” David explains. “Nowadays, we look at how it is going to appear first; what it’s going to look like.”

With a smile on both of their faces, Richard says, “We don’t want to be the biggest; we don’t want to be the cheapest, we just want to be the best”.

In practice, they are following the DCNZ guidelines for COVID. You can see either of these professionals for an initial consultation.

For more information phone Dr. David on 03 925 9929 or Richard on  03 379 1222.


Dentists with a Difference

Fast becoming leaders in their field, we asked Christchurch Boutique Dental why they stand out from the rest.



What’s your point of difference?

We do everything in-house.

From general dentistry to complex procedures, such as implant surgery, complex root canals, cosmetic gum surgery, Botox and fillers.

Procedures are done under a microscope; with 30 times the magnification, we can work on things not visible to the human eye.

Also, because of our expertise, we’re able to offer patients a more holistic treatment plan that covers all of the bases.

The clinic has a bright, spacious vibe. How did you get it so right?

Our vision was for a dental clinic that gives a positive, uplifting experience, in which the needs of our patients are paramount, from their initial one-hour bespoke consultation through to their final appointment.

What about your fees?

We’ve structured our fees at an affordable level, with a view to stabilising the dental condition.

We build a solid foundation for dental health at a very reasonable price.

Your fillings have a 10-year warranty! How does this happen?

We utilise the first teaching in dentistry – the rubber dam.

The dam isolates moisture from the patient’s mouth; combined with the precision of the microscope, we can perfect our procedures from every level.

Without the dam, the tooth will never be restored to its full potential.

Find Christchurch Boutique Dental at 105 Wainui Street, Riccarton Monday to Saturday, 9am-5pm. Phone 03 925 9929



World first in dentistry: OrthodontiX

“It’s a true revolution and the future of orthodontics.”




Ronald Sluiter of OrthodontiX, who has always been fascinated by technological innovation in his field, is referring to Dental Monitoring (DM). This exciting and advanced way to have orthodontic treatment developed by French biophysicist Philippe Salah, allows specialists to control the position and shape of patients’ teeth remotely and continuously by way of an app on a smartphone. It’s a self-monitoring system whereby patients snap a photo of their own teeth on their phone (either Android or iOS) at home.

The images are uploaded to the Paris HQ of Dental Monitoring and are evaluated there by Artificial Intelligence. “I started using DM early in 2018 for patients on the Invisalign teeth-straightening system. It benefits me as an orthodontist because I can track the movement of my patients’ teeth as treatment progresses and can intervene early to prevent any problems occurring. It benefits my patients as well. They don’t need to come into the practice as often.

I have a patient in Greymouth who, instead of having to see me about 25 times during treatment, has needed only six visits.” Ronald has just returned from the first ever symposium on Dental Monitoring held in Las Vegas. “I am even more excited now to roll out the technology to more of my patients.”


If you would like to discover the benefits of the advanced Dental Monitoring app for your teeth, book a consultation with the friendly team at OrthodontiX today. Phone 0800 678 463.


The Art of Dentistry: Boutique Dental

Heralding a new era of dentistry, Dr David Kao, owner of Christchurch Boutique Dental is a vanguard of ‘dentistry as an art form’.


Dr Kao


Dr Kao’s unique methods hold a mirror up to nature, intent on treating Gaia-like, the essential symbiotic union between teeth, jaw and facial muscles, promoting facial aesthetics, including wrinkle reduction, to ensure harmony and balance.
He understands that not only function, but beautiful form begins with these natural fundamentals. “If dentistry is perfected on a microscopic level, cosmetic improvements will follow naturally.”
Dr Kao prefers a tailored approach, with a rigorous commitment to bespoke solutions and positive outcomes.

Bio emulation methods mean his treatments follow the natural groove and ridge of teeth with the understanding that each has a function, leading to personalised results.
Regularly training around the world in the latest techniques, his holistic approach encompasses the reality that an incorrect or worn bite pressures the facial muscles that scaffold from jaw to temple, creating wrinkles.
‘Aesthetically pleasing’ does not equate perfection however, and in Dr Kao’s practice, the smiles he fashions retain character. He collaborates with master dental technicians from around the world to create bespoke veneers, crowns and bridges.

Dr Kao’s composite fillings maintain the original, natural colours, contours and even the staining of teeth. For Dr Kao, microscope dentistry, smile design and facial aesthetics including fillers and Botox, along with his natural philosophy, are his passion. He adores the process of ensuring harmonious interplay between all the factors that create the best yet most natural looking you.