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“It’s a true revolution and the future of orthodontics.”




Ronald Sluiter of OrthodontiX, who has always been fascinated by technological innovation in his field, is referring to Dental Monitoring (DM). This exciting and advanced way to have orthodontic treatment developed by French biophysicist Philippe Salah, allows specialists to control the position and shape of patients’ teeth remotely and continuously by way of an app on a smartphone. It’s a self-monitoring system whereby patients snap a photo of their own teeth on their phone (either Android or iOS) at home.

The images are uploaded to the Paris HQ of Dental Monitoring and are evaluated there by Artificial Intelligence. “I started using DM early in 2018 for patients on the Invisalign teeth-straightening system. It benefits me as an orthodontist because I can track the movement of my patients’ teeth as treatment progresses and can intervene early to prevent any problems occurring. It benefits my patients as well. They don’t need to come into the practice as often.

I have a patient in Greymouth who, instead of having to see me about 25 times during treatment, has needed only six visits.” Ronald has just returned from the first ever symposium on Dental Monitoring held in Las Vegas. “I am even more excited now to roll out the technology to more of my patients.”


If you would like to discover the benefits of the advanced Dental Monitoring app for your teeth, book a consultation with the friendly team at OrthodontiX today. Phone 0800 678 463.


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