Mind over matter

Mind over matter

As we increasingly recognise the importance of emotional and spiritual health in the age of digital distractions, we’re faced with the task of climbing out of the mindless trap of scrolling through newsfeeds and into the mindful haven of mental wellness.


Mind over matter


Distraction will forever be the enemy of productivity and in a perpetually connected world where we arguably communicate more through the internet than we do in person, it’s quite easy to give into distractions while carrying out day-to-day duties such as work and exercise. If you’re depending on willpower, rather than designing an environment conducive to productivity, you’re bound to have a hard time resisting temptation.

By allowing mindfulness a place in our busy lives, we’re reminded to be present, to take time for ourselves and our bodies, and to prohibit ourselves from doing mind-numbing tasks such as scrolling mindlessly through our social media accounts.

Everyone knows that regular exercise has been shown to boost both mood and concentration, so cultivating mind-body integration via exercise is a powerful way to increase emotional and spiritual wellness, while promoting mindfulness. This can be as easy as focusing on your breath or listening to classical music (which has been proven to promote concentration) or a podcast rather than your playlist while you go for a run or use the gym.

Mindfulness apps have become a growing trend of 2019. We’ve checked out some of our faves. Limit your technology overload with Forest, a neat little app that can give you extra motivation for being present and focused. It’s simple – when you don’t want any digital distractions, you plant a seed in the app. As long as you remain in the app, your seed will grow into a tree, and the more you stay away from your phone, the thicker your forest grows. Track your progress and earn points that contribute to planting real trees around the world!

There’s no shortage of meditation/mindfulness apps, but one of our faves is Simple Habit. Designed for those who struggle to squeeze mindfulness into their busy schedule, Simple Habit offers a wheel of audio-guided meditations as short as five minutes for specific requirements, like needing a good night’s sleep or recovering from a tough day in the office.



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