Merry Stress-free Christmas

It’s a time of cheer and festivity. But unfortunately, the holiday period can come with its fair share of stress, too. From pressure to attend events, spend money on gifts and time with loved ones to organising the perfect day and having guests to stay: The festive season can too easily come with a hefty […]

The Influencers: Dr Megan Woods

For a city recovering from a major disaster like the Canterbury earthquakes, all the evidence suggests that simply rebuilding buildings and restarting businesses is not the end of the recovery journey.   The lasting impact of the trauma of the disaster and the long, grinding recovery that follows can have lasting mental health impacts on […]

Challenge the #unspoken rules

We all know the ‘unspoken rules’ for being a man; rules like ‘be the man’, ‘toughen up’ and ‘boys don’t cry’. They are the expectations that boys and young men inherit from society, based on outdated ideas of what a man is, how he acts and how he should express himself. Even if we don’t […]

Dr Sue Bagshaw

Youth hub ramps up

New Zealand’s first purpose-built ‘one-stop-shop’ for youth health and wellbeing is one step closer to reality, with finalised plans soon heading to the Christchurch City Council for resource consent.     Youth Hub Trust Chair Dame Sue Bagshaw hopes both the council and local community will recognise the detail, careful thought and collaboration which has […]

Mike King supporting suicide study

This World Suicide Prevention Day, Mike King and the mental health charity The Key to Life Charitable Trust are launching a new study into the final letters or messages left by victims of suicide.     The study is the first of its kind in New Zealand and will look to find practical answers as […]

Your life starts with you: Transform You Coaching

Life coaching is a personal journey of transformation – a way of helping people to help themselves and become more confident and resilient.     “Focusing on what is most important in our lives, reducing chaos and the overwhelming, is the starting point for finding balance and achieving happiness,” says life coach Karen Parker. “I […]

Dr Lucy Hone talks resilience

Ten years ago, during the time of the Global Financial Crisis, Lucy Hone (now Dr Lucy Hone) couldn’t turn on the news or pick up a newspaper without being told we need to be resilient and that the economy needs to be resilient. “I wondered, does anyone actually know what this word means?” she says […]

Mind over matter

Mind over matter

As we increasingly recognise the importance of emotional and spiritual health in the age of digital distractions, we’re faced with the task of climbing out of the mindless trap of scrolling through newsfeeds and into the mindful haven of mental wellness.     Distraction will forever be the enemy of productivity and in a perpetually […]

Caring for colleagues

Caring for colleagues

Christchurch Detective Sergeant Brad Greenstreet beat depression and is now sharing his story and the stories of other colleagues who have encountered tough times. “Mental Health is such an important topic and it’s ok to talk about it,” the 38-year-old says.     Having been in the police force for 13 years, Brad says an […]

Construction's Mental Health Conditions

Construction’s Mental Health Conditions

The New Zealand Construction Industry has the highest percentage of suicide for employed men of any industry, according to research by the Building Research Association of New Zealand (BRANZ).     Site Safe NZ, in partnership with the Building Research Association of New Zealand (BRANZ) is urgently undertaking further research to uncover what is fuelling […]