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Skin City

Avoid dull and dry skin this winter, and look out for your head, shoulders, knees and toes with these skincare superstars. Metropol has your winter routine must-haves whether it’s for added Vitamin C or pre-ski, stay hydrated this chilly season.




Always remember to stay hydrated. Weleda 24h Hydrating Facial Cream


Sun care for ski season. Bondi Sands Fragrance Free SPF50+



You can’t argue with science. Andalou Naturals Pumpkin Honey Glycolic Mask


Get your daily dose of Vitamin C. Sol de Janeiro Bom Dia Bright Cream


Goodbye dry skin! Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Pink Dream Body Cream


Tranquil times: Beauty Progress

Walk through the doors of Beauty Progress Thai Massage and Spa and enter a place of tranquility and healing, with a relaxation area that has the comforting feel of being in a treehouse.


Ann and Orn

Three treatment rooms are available, including doubles for you and your partner (or mum. Yes, it’s Mother’s Day soon!).



One of the most popular treatments is Thai therapeutic massage which concentrates on the relief of specific stress points and muscle tension; perfect for those who suffer from muscle pain.

With Mother’s Day coming up treat your mum to a specially priced Luxury Spa Package. She’ll luxuriate in a 75-minute treatment for hard working feet and body, which includes a 15 minute reflexology foot massage, a 45 minute back, neck and shoulder massage, and a tension-relieving 15 minute scalp massage.

It’s $139, saving $24, and the offer is valid until the end of May 2021.

Call to book for you and mum on 0800 379 4315 or get a gift voucher at Beauty Progress Thai Massage Spa 1/171 Waltham Rd, Sydenham or from the website below, where you can read testimonials from many happy clients.


The essence of beauty

Trying to accommodate the needs of your skin when we shift from the warmer to cooler months can be challenging for even those with the most balanced skin. Enter beauty essences, an effective way to introduce more hydration into your skincare routine and keep your skin glowing to its best ability this winter.



Also known as facial essences, are the skincare boost you definitely need in your beauty bag in the upcoming colder and drier months. It’s a product which has a texture similar to serum but with a lighter consistency and using it near the beginning of your skincare routine means the other products you use can sink deeper into your skin.

Recommended for those looking to step up your skincare a notch or add a much-needed extra hydration boost. Beauty essences deeply hydrate your skin without being heavy or clogging your pores in between the other steps of your skincare routine.

Vogue recommends that you use beauty essences after toner but before serum as they make the rest of your skincare routine absorb more smoothly into your skin. To use, pump several pumps into your hands and pat gently over your skin.


Before the (ever) afters

Now you’ve said, “I do”, it’s time to get onto the to-dos. Because nobody turns up to their wedding looking flawless without a little bit of preparation. Metropol has pulled together your beauty checklist leading up to the happily ever after.

Six months
Your skin is the canvas on which makeup artists will do their magic. Many brides opt to prepare their skin for the big day by going on a professional plan which addresses any concerns like acne, pigmentation or fine lines and wrinkles.

Three months
Check in with your skincare specialist to see how any products and treatment are working. Now is the time to get the low down on injectables, and to try out anything new like brow tints or microblading, fake tanning and lashes.

Most injectables start to look their best a few weeks (up to six) after the treatment, so you will want to time this just right. Hair conditioning treatments should be done about a month before the big day, and colour about two. Teeth whitening is recommended three weeks prior.


Beauty in the ’burbs: Helen’s Beauty in Avonhead

Nestled peacefully in the Western suburbs you’ll find an unexpected level of care and indulgence at Helen’s Beauty in Avonhead. Specialising in massage therapy, manicures and pedicures, leaving the salon feeling fresh and rejuvenated is a given.



Director and therapist Helen Sitarz is a fine arts graduate, which takes her nail colouring and nail art to another level.

“I take pride in perfection,” she says. With a focus on healthy nails, gentle cuticle detailing and care for her clients’ skin, Helen uses high quality colours and removers combined with her genuine skill in every manicure.

Every pedicure includes a foot spa, cuticle detailing, shaping and gel or lacquer colouring plus a divine foot circulation massage.

“It’s a beauty treatment and soothing relaxation at the same time,” says Helen.

Footcare including dealing with hardened heels, calluses and uneven toenails is also available, “After the treatment you’ll be very confident in bare feet.”

The massage therapy is there to lift you up: “I understand the stress that women can be under, and this is healing time out. I see clients with headaches, neck, back, and shoulder issues, and I offer full body as well as pregnancy and maternity massage therapy.”

Find Helen at 021 292 4287, or on Facebook at Helen’s Beauty in Avonhead.


Looking beauty in the eye: Skin Rejuvenation Clinic

Nothing makes your heart sink like being told that you look tired, especially if you’re not. However, sometimes our eyes can be deceiving. This is because the area around the eyes is one of the first to show the early signs of aging.



Dr Brigid Lee and Denise Prosser of the Skin Rejuvenation Clinic say this is one of their clients’ most common concerns. Fortunately, there are many safe, non-invasive treatment options for this delicate area.

The Ulthera machine can deliver results in just one treatment. It uses micro- focused ultrasound to deliver energy into the tissue below the skin, tightening the area around the eyes, leaving it looking smoother, giving the upper eyelids a lift and reducing bags. Reassuringly, Ulthera is an FDA approved treatment.

The eye area also responds well to radiofrequency which can give you an “instant lift” by using heat to cause an immediate contraction of collagen.

The lift becomes longer-lasting by stimulating the natural repair response. For optimal results, a combination of radiofrequency treatment options – skin needling, fractional skin resurfacing and 3D heating, are used.

Turn those “tired” comments into “you look great” comments with smoother skin around the eyes from the Skin Rejuvenation Clinic.

Call for an appointment on (03) 351 3241 or enquire online at the website below.


The scent of fun: Fragranzi

Fragranzi’s vision is to ignite a passion for perfumes, fragrances and their design. The perfumery’s unique Medici make-your-own perfume system is a simple, no-fuss way to be creative, anytime, alone or in groups of up to fifteen.



Getting a small group together to book a fun two-and-a-half-hour Perfume Design Party takes it a step further as Fragranzi’s perfumer helps the group make fragrances evoking cherished personal memories.

For those who want to learn more about the structure of perfumes and how to create more complex fine fragrances such as those offered by Fragranzi and other leading perfume brands, there is no better starting point than their engaging, one-day introductory course, offered by the perfumer throughout the year.


The gift of relaxation: Beauty Progress

Motherhood and apple pie can go together beautifully in certain circumstances, but then so do motherhood and carried-my-four-year-old-on-my-hip-too-long, and motherhood and cooked-the-dinner-while-supervising-the-algebra-homework-while-feeding-the-dog-and-pretending-be-present-and-correct-on-a-Zoom-meeting.



But stress, pain, and stiffness need not be inevitable for those deep in motherhood or indeed for anyone in any ‘hood.

At Beauty Progress, an extensive menu of authentic Thai massage therapy is available from trained Thai masseuses Anne and Orn, to help you regain full range of movement, reduce pain, and absolutely relax.

Owner and Beauty Therapist Wendy Barker can help you choose the right massage from herbal, yoga, aromatherapy, head, foot spa, four hands, back, neck and shoulders, pregnancy, post-natal, baby, and foot reflexology.

Mother’s Day is the ideal opportunity to gift mums, grannies, and caregivers some relaxation and freedom of movement.

A Thai massage enhances health and wellbeing and can be therapeutic or simply some well-deserved float away on a cloud of bliss me-time.

The spa also offers facials and body treatments that will leave you feeling gorgeous, utilising the incredible Gernétics range clinically developed in France.

Vouchers for Beauty Progress are available online or in the salon at Unit 1, 171 Waltham Road.


Best friends of beauty: The Beauty Parlour

A therapist’s role is to alleviate concerns and help clients lead better lives. At The Beauty Parlour in Fendalton, the qualified beauty therapists do exactly that; helping each client to enhance their natural beauty and indulge in some selfcare.



The team covers all aspects of everyday beauty and is always looking to improve to create the best possible experience for you.

To help with your beauty concerns, services on offer range from spray tans to skin treatments, manicures to massages.

All of which are done with a smile, purely down to passion for the craft.

When asked how she wishes clients at the parlour to feel, owner Angela McCarthy-Coffin responds: “It sounds cliché, but I want them to be treated as a friend. And, come in knowing that the services and products we provide, we wouldn’t be offering unless we’d use them ourselves.”

In efforts to upskill, the parlour looks to the passions of staff. Senior Therapist Michelle suggested the Plamere Plasma Pen, which has become a perfect new addition to the parlour’s beauty belt.

The pen is the world’s most advanced, non-invasive, skin lifting, tightening, and rejuvenating device used to treat wrinkles, stretch marks and sagging dull skin.

For a free no-obligation consultation contact the salon on (03) 377 8883, via or at the website below.


New footwork: Footprints Podiatry

There’s a fresh new face at Footprints Podiatry. It belongs to Ryan Primrose, the latest New Zealand- trained podiatrist to join the clinic. “He comes from Auckland,” says Senior Podiatrist Howard Nicholas, “but we won’t hold that against him!”




Ryan says it was his involvement with sport that introduced him to podiatry. “I played several sports and did a lot of hiking. Unfortunately, that led to some foot problems and I needed to visit a podiatrist,” he says.

“The relief from the treatment was immense and determined my career direction. I’ve loved every minute since.”

Ryan adds that podiatry is a very rewarding career because of the difference even simple procedures can make for patients. He enjoys all aspects of the work from palliative care to orthotics, from medical pedicures to nail restoration, from working with children to older patients.

“The work is all so varied. It really gives me a buzz because I never know each day just what will come through the door to test my skills and knowledge.”

Ryan is also very excited that Footprints’ Ilam clinic where he will mostly be based will next year be in a state-of-the-art new facility along with other health professionals.

“It’s going to have everything a podiatrist dreams about.”