Get composting!

With the spotlight shining brighter on sustainability and climate change now more than ever, there’s never been a better time to give love to your garden. Nourish your plants/vegetables and recycle your food scraps at the same time with compost! Here’s a guide to get you started.       First things first: a good […]

Love the skin you’re in

We’re all human: we all have our own insecurities and imperfections – and our own story. Jess Quinn’s is one of triumph and bravery. Now she’s on a mission to encourage others to feel proud of the skin they’re in.       With an aim to inspire young people to draw hope, belonging and […]

From waste to worth

Foodbank Canterbury is a non-profit food rescue charity that’s been flying under the radar, salvaging perfectly safe, healthy and usable food that would otherwise be destined for landfill and redistributing it to organisations that support those in need.     Three-and-a-half years ago, after having seen and experienced the impact of food rescue overseas, founders […]

The hottest hats

Summer is almost upon us, so it’s time to put away the beanie and bring out the sunhat. Here’s a rundown of the hottest hats of 2019.     Through the veil The perfect last piece of your race day ensemble – the veiled hat! These beauties were surprisingly plentiful in the trends of spring, […]

Takahe Takes Off

One of Christchurch’s historic masterpieces has reopened its doors as a friendly and welcoming café, bar and community hub, with Cashmere couple Andrew and Kay Male at the helm.     The building, inside and out, is really something special. The Sign of the Takahe was founded by naturalist Harry Ell and was one of […]

Geometric Glow

Circles, squares, hexagons, triangles, pentagons, diamonds – even shapes without a name; when it comes to geometric design, the options are endless.     A fun and funky way to add visual interest to your abode, geometric lighting is all about striking patterns and dramatic shapes. But it’s not all just squares and hexagons – […]

Cue the Curves

While furniture with hard and sleek Scandi-style lines will continue to grace our abodes for some time to come, it appears interior designers are seeking more soft and sculpted curves. Curb your curve curiosity and make a shapely statement in any room with this retro-inspired look.     Lending a new and softer dimension to […]

Seriously Square

We’re just one seasonal step away from summer, the season of all things cute, flowy and bright. Time to get our shoe selection up to date! Here’s a funky 90’s look that’s enjoying quite the renaissance – it’s a look we square by!     Enter square-toed shoes. We know; it’s shocking. Just when you […]

Floral Fixation

Will floral prints ever go out of fashion? Never! But if you’re going to wear flowers, now is the time to splash out; if one thing screams ‘spring has arrived’, it’s blooming flowers! Check out our top tips for this season.     Take inspiration from the tougher punk-style ensembles that incorporate delicate floral prints; […]

Back to Black

Black has long evoked a sense of luxury, indulgence and dramatic sophistication, and it never goes out of style. Throughout the year we’ve seen interior designers opting for bold, dark and sultry, welcoming all shades of ebony from the kitchen to the bedroom. Now black is stealing the spotlight from the traditional white bathroom we’ve […]