Wedding guest winners: Zebrano

It may be the happy couple’s big day but that does not mean you can’t look amazing celebrating them. We talk to Christchurch Zebrano manager Michelle Carter on how her team can help you find your iconic look for any wedding.     Whether you prefer a flirty feminine feel or more of a beautifully […]

Style casting: Zebrano

Life is not a dress rehearsal, and the team at Zebrano will ensure you look the part – no matter your character. Whether you prefer a flirty feminine feel or more of a beautifully bold style, manager Michelle Carter and her team will help you find your iconic look. “It’s about wearing the clothes you […]

Party season’s hottest styles

Whether your style is classic elegance or ‘of the moment’ attitude, feminine mystique or strictly minimalist chic, there is no better time than Christchurch’s party and event season to revel in your signature style, or to try out a whole new look for the sheer delight of it.       The city’s iconic destination […]

The coat that says it all: Zebrano

There’s much to be said for the winter coat. This is the one garment none of us can do without. Not only does it provide that much needed top layer to ward off the chill, but it is the first thing people see when you walk down a street or enter a room. In many […]


Flag the fashion rules: Zebrano

“Wear something that makes your heart sing,” Zebrano’s Christchurch Manager Michelle Carter says. Her advice for Cup Day is to dress confident and brave, feel proud and get creative.     With Zebrano’s edgy and directional fashion, there are no rules – instead resisting to conform to any particular fashion. The range is unbelievable, in […]

Spring Selections

Spring’s Irresistible Selections: Zebrano

As the sun’s annual spring crossing of the celestial equator draws near, the delicious tropical prints that burst out of Zebrano’s iconic Christchurch store are in our sights. As irresistible as a margarita at a beach-side bar, the crisp whites, the brights and the floral prints have got us yearning to cast off winter layers. […]

Rundholz Black

Make a striking statement: Zebrano’s striking approach to fashion

Adored store Zebrano has brought striking and statement clothes in sizes fourteen plus to New Zealand women for twenty-six chic years. Always pushing boundaries in design for larger sizes, co-owner Jenny Smith is thrilled to welcome new label Rundholz Black to the store’s stunning and carefully curated range. Jenny says Rundholz Black brings attitude to […]