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Beautiful haar lives here: Haar Design

The German word for hair is Haar, so for Caroline Haar naming her own salon Haar Design was an apt decision.

Caroline Haar


After 20 years in the industry and multiple awards, including being a five-time winner of the Canterbury Westland Hairstylist and Colourist of the Year, it was time for Caroline to find a boutique oasis of her own.

Having celebrated a first birthday, Caroline says the Merivale salon is going fantastically with a high percentage of clients rebooking.


“It feels like they are at home, there’s a very relaxed atmosphere here,” she says of the salon.


With free parking, there’s ample reason to book in on the details below.
(03) 355 100

Summer ’do: Kudos Hairdressing

The Christmas and New Year holiday was most likely a much needed and well-deserved break. While you may have enjoyed those beautiful summer days soaking up those rays…your hair may not have.



Haircare experts say that sun damage is just as detrimental as applying bleach, and as with bleach, the effects aren’t just confined to colour changes.

The sun weakens your hair’s protein structure, de-moisturises it and reduces elasticity so your hair breaks more easily.

But don’t worry, this can all be remedied with a little bit of TLC. The brilliant team at Kudos Hairdressing in Merivale, among many other services on offer, can repair pesky sun damage.

Whether that’s by trimming your tresses or recommending moisturising shampoo and conditioner from in-salon ranges such as Wella, System Professional, Sebastian and GHD.

“The team of fully qualified stylists, who are friendly and professional, are there to provide great customer experience and service,” says Senior Stylist and Director Michelle Farmer.

Book your next appointment on (03) 355 4734 or email


Hair for a good time! Capelli Hair Design

Haircuts, styles, colour transformations and care are all covered at Capelli Hair Design in Ashburton, where a talented team of stylists are ready and waiting to turn their hands to whatever hair requests you have.



Finding your go-to hairdresser can make all the difference – not just to the way you look, but the way you feel.

Not to mention how easy it is to get an appointment with your preferred stylist, the price, finding a park, and savouring what should be a relaxing pampering experience.

Capelli offers every hair service imaginable from cuts to colours, express up-dos to tailorer-made wedding day packages. The talented team are constantly looking at ways to expand their horizons by keeping up with new looks and upskilling.

In recent times, a dedicated barbering area was added to the salon along with customised barbering training for stylists for an added expert touch for male clientele.

Clients at Capelli are not only treated to the utmost in haircuts, colours and styles – but are also treated with luxurious and award-winning haircare products from professional brands such as L’Oréal, Kérastase and ghd to get an amazing end result. You can also shop these brands online or in-store.

Open Monday to Saturday, phone (03) 308 9320 to book now.



Organising your Christmas ‘do: Haircuts for Haircuts

For a year which seemed to crawl by, the end of it has certainly snuck up! Which means it’s almost time to relax into the holiday season, but first – your hair! It’s that time to ensure your ‘do is looking fresh for the festive season.


Creating fantastic, stylish results, while keeping prices affordable, is always the goal at local salon, Haircuts for Haircuts, which has been producing haircuts for everyone from pre-schoolers to pensioners – and all ages in between – for more than 30 years.

Owner and operator Michelle Butterfield says the friendly and experienced staff, who are all fully qualified hair stylists, have been receiving excellent results with the Nak range of vegan and cruelty-free styling and finished products.

Sulphate and paraben-free Nak products include shampoo, conditioner, styling products and hair and scalp treatments. Which not only help ensure Haircuts for Haircuts excellent in-salon results, but make great Christmas gifts, too.

Open seven days a week, no appointment is necessary at the Bush Inn or South City branches, however clients can opt to wait for their preferred stylist.

Michelle encourages clients to take advantage of the loyalty system where every eighth haircut is free, as well as pensioner and student discounts.

The salon is also having a Black Friday special, November 27, with $10 clipper cuts all day (normally $15).

Find Haircuts for Haircuts at the Bush Inn Centre, phone (03) 348 7008 or South City Centre (03) 366 0619.


Wigging out! Georgies Wig Shop

If you have gotten halfway into Cup Week and have thrown your hands up in the air because you haven’t got your luscious locks locked down, Eleanor Burgess from Georgies Wig Shop has the solution for you.


With over 500 real and synthetic haired wigs, New Zealand’s largest wig stockist is right here in Christchurch. Metropol caught up with the wig wizard herself to find out her tips and tricks for rocking a new ‘do.

Your wig, extensions or pieces can be foiled to suit your hair
colour. Because the best kinds of faux hair additions are the
ones you don’t notice at all!

A great hair look can be tied together with a scrunchie.
Choose cool fabrics to complement or completely stand out
from your outfit.

Your purchase can also be curled or straightened to suit
your overall hair look.

The friendly team at Georgies will show you how to put in
the extensions and style them specifically for you.

Find Georgies Wigs at 570 Barbadoes Street, phone
(03) 385 6696 or search Georgies Wigs on Facebook.


Blonde intentions: Surreal hair and beauty

Making the change to blonde is a big transition and one that should not be taken lightly (pun intended). Owner of Surreal hairdressing, Michelle Marsh, talks to Metropol about her team of blonde specialists who are there to help you maintain those beautiful blondes.


First and foremost, the integrity of the hair is the most important thing, says Michelle.

“We strengthen and rebuild the hair before lightening to maintain healthy looking blonde hair. The more you lighten your hair, the more compromised it becomes so we take every precaution, so your hair stays strong and in optimum condition” she says.

This is achieved using the highest quality products from Redken Extreme Bleach Recovery range. Routines can be put in places through recommendations from in-house hairdressers/stylists to ensure you are getting the best from your colour.

To find out if becoming a blonde is for you, contact the salon on (03) 365 2215 or email


Return of the perm: Hair Art & Beauty

Perms are back, baby! Hearing the word perm probably conjures up thoughts of huge ‘80s hair, but the modern reality is far removed from those frizzy memories. Whether you want a looser, loppy curl or tight ringlets, contemporary perming techniques can create a range of looks to suit your style
and sensibilities.


Perms can also be used on short hair to add body and volume without adding curl.

Even Hollywood is undergoing a perm revolution, with celebrities Emma Stone, Jonathan Van Ness and Olivia Munn rocking beautiful bouncy perm-induced curls!

Perming in 2020 is also much gentler than perms of the past. As technology has advanced, the products used for perms are kinder on the hair and less likely to damage otherwise healthy locks.

While curly hair is naturally more prone to dryness as it prevents oil travelling down the hair shaft, your stylist can recommend suitable products to care for your new ‘do.

However, there is no getting around the permanence of this revived style (hence the name); the typical way to get rid of a perm is to cut the curl out. You’ll need to have your roots re-permed every three to four months to target new hair growth.

Hair Art & Beauty love fashion perms and want to help you live your curly girl dreams. For more information or to see if a perm is right for you, phone (03) 381 8939.


Trends for tresses: Earth Organic Hairdressing

When it comes to hairdressing, there’s never a dull moment. No sooner has a new trend hit the style scene, there’s another one to take its place. Metropol caught up with Earth Organic Hairdressing owner Traci Aylmer to tease the latest looks.

Left to right, Natasha, Traci, Hannah, Nina and Mochi


“Last year was really about long groomed waves; this year long hair is more natural with less structured waves,” Traci says.

“Now we’re seeing more pixie cuts, mullets and the shag taking centre stage, with long hair now getting shorter; it’s exciting as a hairdresser to see these proper hairstyles that utilise some serious styling skill.”

If you’re looking to change things up with a striking new colour, last year’s strong vivids are being replaced with pastel vivids. “The application, too, has changed,” Traci explains. “While last year saw a lot of rainbow application, this year colour application is more subtle.

“We’re also seeing a lot of colour pops and colour panels – a look anyone can pull off!”

Mirroring this new look, Earth Organic Hairdressing is excited to welcome the Fabuloso range of hair care products.

“It’s the best thing since sliced bread – bespoke colour made just for you! And despite how new and innovative it is, they come at a really affordable price point.”

The team of stylists at the popular vegan hairdresser based alongside Little High Eatery at 181 High Street are all highly experienced and extremely well-travelled, so you know they’re at the top of their hair care game.












Don’t forget your roots!

Ever-popular Kiwi band Six60 famously sings ‘Don’t forget your roots’. Whilst we are aware the song was paying tribute to family – the line is not totally misplaced when it comes to haircare. We are talking about the roots on your head, and specifically the rise of scalp care or “hair skinification”.


More of a marketing monniker than scientific term, this is the concept of treating your scalp like it is an extension of your facial skincare routine.

Skincare has boomed in recent years, with tutorials and product reviews just as popular as those for makeup and hairstyling, so much so, the global industry is expected to be worth more than $1 trillion by 2025.

Although, this is not to suggest that the world just hasn’t been aware we have scalps – more that we need to start treating them with a bit more TLC.

And when treating your scalp like your face, those in the know recommend using similar types of ingredients you would see in skincare such as probiotics and hyaluronic acid.

Products to know include, Virtue’s scalp supplement and treatment and Neutrogena’s Healthy Scalp collection.

Virtue founder and chief executive Melisse Shaban said since its supplement launched in June, it became the brand’s number nine (out of 50) best-selling product by August.

So why are we seeing such a skyrocket in scalp care sales? Cynics may see it as commodifying a new body part – but there is evidence to suggest the scalp skin needs a similar level of considered care as the rest of your epidermis to prevent irritation, flakiness and build up in pores and hair follicles.


What it takes: Sirocco Hair Studio

Once upon a time, your favourite hairstylist might have been an apprentice. To qualify in their chosen career would have required hard work and total commitment.


In the seven years she has owned her salon, Rosanne Marks of Sirocco Hair Studio has taken on two apprentices, and three others have come on board to sit their final exam and gain qualification.

Currently with her are Olivia, in her final year, and Anita, in her second year.

A hairdressing apprenticeship takes approximately four years. The first two years are when the apprentice learns the most units, consisting of both theory and practical elements.

Years one and two sees the apprentice working on product knowledge; the selection and application of treatments, and of permanent colour; hair-ups; blow-drying; finger-waves and cutting.

Year three is yet more advances – working on more clients, doing things faster, and learning more challenging units, such as bleach and tone; colour correction; removing unwanted additives from hair, and chemical straightening.

Year four sees the apprentice doing all elements of hairdressing and building their own clientele.

Last up is the final six-hour practical exam – basically like a full day in a salon, made up of three different services.

Rosanne loves having an apprentice inhouse, teaching them new things, watching their passion for the industry come alive and grow.

“I would highly recommend looking into an apprenticeship, rather than doing a course; you learn a lot more in the salon environment, and you also earn money while you learn.”