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Not just a workout: Bodyfix Gym

Fitness for your body doesn’t stop at your shoulders, and the Bodyfix Gym team understand that going to the gym takes you far beyond the classic lose weight, tone up, and strengthen.

“We believe in exercise to support mental health as well, and we are really popular for that,” says Owner Moana Williams.

“We even have members referred to us by their GP with exercise as part of their prescription.”

Privately owned, the longstanding and tightknit team at Bodyfix are there to support members.

“We get to know everyone and you are always an individual, never a number. While some gyms focus on attracting new clients, we really value our existing members and have been through many personal joys and tragedies with them,” says Moana.

Even more than usual in the current environment, Bodyfix is a place where worries are left at the door and there is a sense of normality for a while.

“So many friendships are made here, existing friendships are strengthened – we laugh hard, and then of course you’ll work your body like there’s no tomorrow,” says Moana.

With 45 classes on the timetable for all abilities, the team will design a membership to suit you, plus the Personal Training Team is extremely experienced and always ready to help.

There’s also full access after-hours, group challenges, and nutrition advice on the gym’s Facebook group.


Supporting your fitness journey: Bodyfix

Bodyfix was established in 2011 by a group of health and fitness professionals as a space for anyone and everyone to feel supported and empowered. Today, the boutique gym has more than 39 group classes per week, with something for all ages, abilities and fitness levels. Members enjoy the unique range of strength, cardio, yoga and recovery classes, plus their top-of-the-line spin equipment – all housed in a brand new, world-class facility.



Voted the Best Gym in Christchurch by the people of Canterbury, it’s home to some of New Zealand’s leading personal trainers and group-fitness instructors, who each bring their own specialist skills and one-of-a-kind sparkle to Bodyfix. “Together we’ve created a vibrant, diverse and down-to-earth community where people lift each other up and know how to have a good laugh – all while working hard and getting their hearts pumping,” says owner Moana Williams.

“Our focus is on helping you feel confident in who you are, by giving you the tools and knowledge to take care of not just your body, but also your mind.”

Whether you simply want to be able to run around with the kids, or you’re competing in high-level sport, the Bodyfix team can tailor a programme to suit your goals. “We’re all here to support you on your journey, whatever that may look like. We believe it’s the people that make the place what it is, and at Bodyfix we are proud to be making a difference in people’s lives.”




Expanding gym services: Bodycore

As more and more people join the Bodycore family, the unique gym is expanding to cater to its ever-growing membership, as well as provide exciting new services.



Along with the new ‘recovery room’ facility next door, a building across the road will open in October, providing an extra 400sqm of space for a variation of different classes – including cardio, circuit, yoga and Pilates – as well as an indoor running track.

A cryotherapy business is located next door in the recovery room, along with a cupping and massage therapist. Cupping is a great way to draw toxins from the body so muscles can move more freely, which also reduces the chance of injury, says founder Muzz Coates. “It helps keep people moving so they can perform and is especially beneficial for people who train really intensely.”


The new services complement the centre’s popular peri-nutrition café and supplement shop, next to the 24/7 gym. Muzz, who originally created Bodycore eight years ago, joined forces with co-owner Craig McGuigan to open the new facility on Battersea Street in Sydenham last year. From beginners to elite athletes, the centre provides an inspirational and supportive environment, to put the fun back into achieving fitness goals.

The focus was on creating a friendly community hub, says Muzz, who has more future expansion ideas in mind. “We wanted to create a ‘one-stop shop’ for health and fitness, with everything you need – it’s exciting times!”


Follow Bodycore on Facebook, order supplements online or phone 021 898 920 for more info.



Inspired Services

Mind over matter: Inspired Services

Just as you know you have to train the body if you want to be fitter, more toned, or lose weight, the same principal applies if you want your life to be different in any way. If you want to be calmer, more fulfilled and more successful, you have to train the mind.


Inspired Services


Life Coach, mother and former UK gym owner/operator Amanda Walmsley of Inspired Services is thrilled to introduce her gym for the mind. A first for Christchurch, it’s affordable, fits with every schedule and is based online, so you can work on improving your life anytime and anywhere.

Amanda explains that our thoughts and our emotional reaction to them together drive how we act in life, which impacts the outcomes we get. “If we don’t have control over our minds, the mind can control us, and even lead to anxiety and depression,” she says.

“People fail to reach their goals if they are not mentally and emotionally fit, and achieving this is not really taught in schools. You want to be in a position where you are getting better at life every day; navigating your way through rather than fumbling along. To do this you really need to be strengthening your mental ability, improving your emotional intelligence and working with Universal Law.”

Traditional coaching can be expensive so not accessible to everyone and Amanda is passionate about changing this, bringing transformative life skills to the mainstream and giving everyone the knowledge, tools and opportunity to change their lives.

Amanda and her team of experienced coaches and professionals work collaboratively to offer the complete package to radically improve not only your mindset, but your overall health and wellbeing. Visit the website to find out more and make contact via email or phone to discuss the best plan of action to suit your needs and budget.

All memberships include daily advice, inspiration, motivation, weekly training exercises and regular online presentations and workshops via email, social media and webinars. One-on-one coaching sessions can also be added to your membership as and when you feel necessary.

The cost of the ‘Inspired for Life’ membership starts from as little as $13.85 per week and varies depending on the amount of one-on-one sessions thereafter. Memberships are flexible and include a three-month minimum term.

If you want to strengthen your mind, improve your emotional intelligence and get “Good At Life” with the support of an amazing team, contact Amanda on 021 494 452. Or visit them at the Mind Body Spirit Expo 16-17 March at Addington Raceway.



Bodycore Gym

Old School Values: Bodycore Gym

Bodycore Gym is so much more than a fitness centre – it’s a community hub, where kindness and compassion are valued, and ordinary people aspire to reach their potential.


Bodycore Gym


Combining a café and a supplement shop, the newly opened 24/7 gym on Battersea St in Sydenham provides an inspirational and uplifting setting to put the fun back into getting fit and achieving your goals. “We’re bringing ‘old school’ back, by creating an environment completely different to the common chain gyms, which are quite intimidating for some people. You don’t just do a class then leave without talking to anyone,” founder Muzz Coates says.


Bodycore Gym

“My personal trainers are handpicked for their personality and knowledge, and the atmosphere here is fun, friendly and vibrant. We focus on making all our members feel like part of the team and not just a number.” The café is a peri-nutrition bar, offering a delicious sugar-free selection of protein-rich options.

“The carrot cake is to die for,” Muzz says, who originally created Bodycore eight years ago as a supplement store on Carlyle Street, with his own range of natural, locally manufactured products and a small fitness studio upstairs.
Due to his ever-growing clientele, he joined forces with co-owner Craig McGuigan to open the new facility. Craig says the focus was on creating a unique, family-friendly centre.


Bodycore Gym

“It’s a space where anyone, from elite athletes or bodybuilders to beginners, co-exist in a supportive environment, mingle and learn from each other.”


Follow Bodycore on Facebook, order supplements online or phone 374 6947 for more info.



One of a kind gym: Bodyfix

As more and more people join the Bodyfix family, the unique gym is moving premises to cater to its ever-growing membership.




“By early next year, we will have a much larger gym, in a brand-new world class facility – located at 29 Leeds Street – as well as more services to offer our members,” owner Moana Williams says. “Building on what we already have, the new premises will enable us to continue to grow – and not being linked to a franchise and being a one-of-a-kind gym is what sets us apart.”

The ‘family friendly’ club opened in 2011, featuring a full weights and cardio room, as well as a variety of group classes designed to motivate members to achieve their goals, including HIIT, spin and yoga. Starting your exercise regime today rather than tomorrow is one philosophy followed closely by the team at Bodyfix, and that’s because they know that when exercising under their roof, you are sure to see results. They know that when people walk into their club, everyone wants a better version of themselves.

Moana says getting the right mix of regular exercise can improve your health, vitality and wellness – which we all need more than ever in life. “There is no ‘right time’ to get started on an exercise programme, do it today – with a bit of hard work, sweat and commitment you will be fit, healthy and happy.”


Visit Bodyfix now at 450 Tuam Street, phone 03 389 9892, or visit