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Mind over matter: Inspired Services

Just as you know you have to train the body if you want to be fitter, more toned, or lose weight, the same principal applies if you want your life to be different in any way. If you want to be calmer, more fulfilled and more successful, you have to train the mind.


Inspired Services


Life Coach, mother and former UK gym owner/operator Amanda Walmsley of Inspired Services is thrilled to introduce her gym for the mind. A first for Christchurch, it’s affordable, fits with every schedule and is based online, so you can work on improving your life anytime and anywhere.

Amanda explains that our thoughts and our emotional reaction to them together drive how we act in life, which impacts the outcomes we get. “If we don’t have control over our minds, the mind can control us, and even lead to anxiety and depression,” she says.

“People fail to reach their goals if they are not mentally and emotionally fit, and achieving this is not really taught in schools. You want to be in a position where you are getting better at life every day; navigating your way through rather than fumbling along. To do this you really need to be strengthening your mental ability, improving your emotional intelligence and working with Universal Law.”

Traditional coaching can be expensive so not accessible to everyone and Amanda is passionate about changing this, bringing transformative life skills to the mainstream and giving everyone the knowledge, tools and opportunity to change their lives.

Amanda and her team of experienced coaches and professionals work collaboratively to offer the complete package to radically improve not only your mindset, but your overall health and wellbeing. Visit the website to find out more and make contact via email or phone to discuss the best plan of action to suit your needs and budget.

All memberships include daily advice, inspiration, motivation, weekly training exercises and regular online presentations and workshops via email, social media and webinars. One-on-one coaching sessions can also be added to your membership as and when you feel necessary.

The cost of the ‘Inspired for Life’ membership starts from as little as $13.85 per week and varies depending on the amount of one-on-one sessions thereafter. Memberships are flexible and include a three-month minimum term.

If you want to strengthen your mind, improve your emotional intelligence and get “Good At Life” with the support of an amazing team, contact Amanda on 021 494 452. Or visit them at the Mind Body Spirit Expo 16-17 March at Addington Raceway.



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