A brooding good show: Q&A with Georgia Nott

Georgia and Caleb Nott, the siblings who make music together as Broods, are coming to Christchurch on March 22 with their ‘Don’t Feed the Pop Monster’ tour. We caught up with LA based Georgia ahead of the tour about what 2019 has in store.




Do you miss living in New Zealand? When was the last time you were home?
We come home a lot actually. We spend every Christmas at home with the family. We have the best of both worlds really. LA is amazing and there are so many opportunities and inspiring people here. But, we also get to come home and recharge whenever it gets hectic.


What does 2019 hold for Broods?
A lot of touring! Hoping that we’ll get some time here and there to keep the writing going but for the most part we’ll just be touring this album.


What can Christchurch fans expect from the Don’t Feed the Pop Monster tour?
This is the first time we’ve wanted to play every song on the album live. It’s gonna be a very special one to tour. This album has taken up so much space in our lives and to share it with fans in person is going to be some special sh**.


What advice do you have for other New Zealand musicians hoping to make it in the industry?
You really just have to get out there and do it in any shape or form you can. Say yes to collaborating and show people who you are through your music.


What one Kiwi thing do you miss the most living in America?
The fam! Thank god for FaceTime.


What would you like remembered about you?
I think it’s safe to say my music haha! I get less and less obsessed with the idea of being remembered though. I think whatever we make has to be authentic otherwise what you leave behind isn’t really you. So I’d like to be remembered for the music that I make when I am most authentic I guess.


What do you feel is the best song you’ve released to date and why?
Dust. It’s my soul in a song and it still holds the same gravity for me that it did the day we wrote it.




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