Time for bed

A good night’s sleep is one of the most important things we can do for our health, yet too often it can be easier said than done. One way to invite a glorious night of shut eye into your life is to create a sleep routine, and, yes, that means new sleepwear.     A […]

Putting snoring to bed: Oraltech

Don’t sew a tennis ball into the back of your PJs. Don’t suck on a pacifier while you sleep or gargle with garlic before bedtime. These remedies are not effective as cures for snoring. Instead get a customised SnorexTM device and regain your sanity.     Snoring is more than an irritating and unpleasant noise. […]

A sound summer slumber

We all know there’s nothing like a good night’s sleep to make us feel that much better to face the new day ahead, but as our weather starts to warm, we need to cool down our beds, both layer wise and appearance wise.   A winterweight duvet in the shade of hot chilli does not […]

Keeping your cool: Dreamwool Beds Ltd

With hotter weather fast approaching, we’re all enjoying the longer, warmer days but, for many of us, the balmy summer nights can quickly turn into the sleepless discomfort of overheating and night sweats. And your bed could be making it worse!   Dreamwool Director and Mattress Designer David Henderson says most mass-produced mattresses perform poorly […]

Dream big for beauty’s sake

Sleeping Beauty was put under a sleeping spell for 100 years, but it begs the question: was it really a curse or a blessing? Catching those Zs is a science-backed way to achieve an inner and outer glow, and here’s three ways to do just that. Beauty sleep “You look tired” are three words no […]

A luxury holiday at home: Dreamwool Beds

The whole world would agree: New Zealanders are some of the luckiest people on earth. With our national lock-down deemed a global success and our lives now mostly re-opened for business, we are enjoying a much more normal life than most these days.     But all that safety and security has not come without […]

Shhh… It’s a secret: Dreamwool Beds

The whole country has just spent more than a month quarantined in their homes. Spending a significant time in one space, you tend to notice a few things. Maybe the fence needs another coat of paint, the garden is looking rather overgrown or the mattress is feeling uncomfortable.     Well if it is the […]