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Getting to grips with autumn

Cooler days and nights have arrived and in true autumn form the change in weather patterns is turning the leaves to gold, burgundy and pumpkin before they float gently to the ground. For many avid gardeners that is the signal to snip, prune, compost and plant anew.



The compost equation: All those lovely crunchy leaves make great compost, layered of course with other organic garden waste, a few worms and lots of water. You might also try mixing in a few bits of seaweed from your local beach but be sure to soak it for several days in clean water to remove excess salt.

Pruning practice: As lignification sets in and plant stalks become harder and more woody, it is time to cut them down to size in preparation for new spring and summer growth. Unless you really know what you are doing, when it comes to pruning, less is best.

Planting particulars: Spring and summer bulbs should be going into gardens and pots around this time. Mass plantings always look fabulous, and so too do complementary and contrasting plants. Think textures, heights and colours such as purple, blue and yellow Dutch irises and golden daffodils, blue grape hyacinths with creamy freesias.

Green goodness: If you decide it is out with the old and in with some new, consider compact evergreens for foliage and also for feature landscaping. Check out some of the native hebes especially the mounding varieties, the hardy rengarenga lilies and silver grey kakaha (silver bush flax).

Nature knows best: Take a leaf out of nature for colours, species and design ideas. Don’t go overboard, however. A totara tree may look great in an alpine environment, but is definitely not suitable for a small suburban backyard!


All about autumn: Made in the Shade

Copious colours, a plethora of plains and a flourish of florals are available at Made in the Shade from an array of sought-after brands like Anne Mardell, Lisette, Bittermoon and Optimum (which can be customised to size and colour). A gorgeous range of accessories are also on full display at the counter. Create your wardrone from start to finish, whether you are loving or learning the labels.



Worthy of a princess: There’s a certain princess who would approve of the Anne Mardell Leia Tee in French Provence print (exclusive to the brand). Viscose spandex knit paired with a scoop neck and slim, a beautiful combination.



Big, bold and Brigit: The 100 percent wool Brigit coat from Anne Mardell is both stylish and snuggly. The cocoon shaped piece offers a flattering silhouette for the wearer. Take your pick of peacock, olive (pictured) or red.



Sculpting in sylvia: Bittermoon offers a shirt that hugs you in all the right places. The Sylvia swing top is sculpting, giving that subtle cinch effect at the waist. We’ll take one in every colour please!

Find Made in the Shade at 151A Colombo Street, Beckenham or phone (03) 332 1238.


Natural attraction: Resene

Encourage sweet soothing sleep with a bedroom painted in soft character neutrals, filled with natural texture and a warming palette of colours. Bohemian-style has really enjoyed its time in the sun. Traditional boho style is a delightful mix of pattern and bright colour to create perfectly undone – but totally done – spaces.


Styling: Melle Van Sambeek | Photography: Bryce Carleton

PAINT: Wall in Resene Eighth Canterbury Clay; floor in Resene Eighth Joss; bedhead in Resene Eighth Joss; large pot in Resene Quarter Bison Hide.
FURNISHINGS: Bed linen, lamp shade, rug, cushions, purse from Mood Store and all other accessories are stylist’s own.

While this jumble of eclectic goodness is still popular, bohemian-style has taken a slight U-turn into a more minimalist realm of interiors. This new take still celebrates the relaxed, natural appeal of traditional boho looks but tones it down with a more neutral colour palette.

This room has done just that by utilising a base of character neutrals. These, as the name suggests, are neutral hues. But they’re much more intriguing than your typical true neutral, which can end up looking cold or flat. Thanks to their subtle undertones, these hues with soul bring that extra little something to a space.

In this room, Resene Eighth Canterbury – a warming character neutral – dons the walls while Resene Eighth Joss covers the floor. These two hues provide the perfect base for other colours and textures to be layered on top while still adding to the atmosphere of the room themselves.

If you want to go further with natural textures, you could also bring in raw wood finishes, dried flowers or clay ornaments – the different grains and materials will add that little bit of extra character.

A crisp white, like Resene Quarter Black White, is needed in this space to prevent it being too beige and too soft. Here, it’s brought in through the fresh white linen bedding – again, achieving that balance of edgy but soft.

Soft apricots, such as the linen cushions, provide sweet pops of colour and work particularly well when paired with dusty pinks, such as Resene Just Right.

To achieve this look, be cautious of veering too close to vibrant coral hues. Instead, keep your palette of oranges and pinks relatively muted – they’ll be gentler on the eye and won’t overwhelm the room’s quiet calm.

Vases from left to right
Resene Eighth Pavlova
Resene Quarter Bison Hide
Resene Mai Tai


Get inspired at your local Resene ColorShop,

Wild and free: Victoria Florists

Big, beautiful, wild, loose and free, is how Victoria Florists describes the bridal bouquets of now.


“Dried and silk flowers woven with fresh blooms are spot on trend,” says owner Leanne Lovell. A bouquet of a fresh white king protea, silk hydrangeas and dried wild flowers springs to mind.

“It’s very natural now, with autumnal, muted palettes of nature. Champagne, taupe, cinnamon and cream with a trail of sheer linen. We’re doing wrist corsages for the mother of the bride, and trailing greenery with a few flowers on the tables.”

Victoria Florists adapts to the season for value for money, from an absolutely beautiful display.

“Bring along your Pinterest or Instagram dreams for our innovative team to create from. We have 100 years’ experience between us!”

107 Idris Road, Bryndwr, Christchurch
(03) 351 7444 |


A golden escape

As the leaves turn golden from green and the temperatures start to drop, we begin to think about weekends away in cosy accommodation where there’s rainy day activities and welcoming hospitality. So naturally, Hanmer Springs comes to mind. Here are Metropol’s picks of what to do on our northern doorstep.


Hanmer screams autumn. The tree-heavy town centre turns into a kaleidoscope of fiery reds and gorgeous yellows – which makes for picturesque walks and fantastic photos. If you time it right, you might even be treated to an early-winter dusting of snow on the surrounding mountains.

It almost goes without saying that a soak in Hanmer’s thermal pools is perfect on a cloudy cool day, but it wouldn’t be an article on what to do in Hanmer in autumn without mentioning this delightful activity. For an even dreamier experience, head to the adjacent day spa.

Visit one of Hanmer’s local gastropubs for a warming meal. Take your pick of the loved local offerings to enjoy pub fare classics reimagined for modern paletes using fresh local ingredients – with delicious drinks menus to accompany.


Seasonal wellbeing made easy

The seasonal shift to autumn is in full swing, and with it brings chillier mornings, darker evenings, and the looming flu season. If all these changes are making you glum, Metropol looks at ways to help you stay on top of your wellbeing. So while the leaves are turning red and orange; you’re not feeling blue.




Adieu to the flu
We are sick (get it?) of hearing about viruses! There is nothing worse than having or hearing a runny nose. But according to the Ministry of Health, the time to get ahead of it is now as peak influenza season usually begins in late May or early June. The vaccine is available from your family GP, accident and medical clinic or workplace occupational health service.

It’s hibernation season
No one needs telling twice how important a good night’s sleep is. Science has proven time and again it is an essential function that allows your body and mind to recharge, leaving you refreshed and alert. This transitional season is the best time to clock in your seven to nine hours of shut eye; it’s cooler but not cold and it gets darker earlier.

Beachy keen
Autumn may not be providing those over 30-degree days, but it is still sending a bit of sunshine our way. Don’t shy away from your summer spots just because the season has changed, plus there are fewer beachgoers than those scorching summer days. So, whether you’re there for a swim, sprint or scenic views; make full use of the natural anti-depressant. Ease your mind, take that extra breath and just pause for a moment.

No “I” in team
But there is a me… and that’s okay. Joining a team sport is a great way to stay on top of your mental and physical wellbeing. It holds you accountable and sparks new friendships, says exercise physiologist Franci Cohen. Pre-season training for winter sports often starts in autumn, acclimatise to those chillier mornings now.


In trenched

A transitional trench for autumn is hardly revolutionary, but the appeal of these not-too-hot, not-too-cold salves endures for a reason. Timeless coverups, trenches are wardrobe chameleons which can adapt to any dress code.

Saba Leila Trench Coat


This autumn, trenches come in classic beige as well as a seasonal palette of terracottas and yellows sure to brighten those grey summerless days.


Acne Studios Odande Cotton Trench from Workshop

When deciding what to team with your trench, the power of beige lends itself to almost anything – bright patterns, party dresses, activewear, or even, dare we say it, more beige tones.


Camilla & Marc Francesca Jumpsuit

Our favourite looks for this season include a trench layered with a hoody underneath and sneakers for instant casual cool, or paired with a silky dress and heeled, knee-high boots for something more glamorous.


Oroton Trench with Scarf

For such a wardrobe staple which can last style-wise for years, it may be wallet-wise to splash out and invest in a piece which will last quality-wise, too.


Moochi The Trenchie

Offerings from Saba, Moochi, Camilla & Marc and Acne Studios – all available at Canterbury retailers – certainly tick that box.


A palatable autumn

The leaves are almost turning, and we are absolutely falling (get it?) for a new autumnal colour palette destined straight for our wardrobes.


Camilla and Marc Marley Trench Coat and Blazer


Classic shades of orange and emerald green are coming through in new collections from designers around the world, but it is bright shades of yellow which seems to be the new shade for autumn ‘21.

Moochi Slide Dress in Emerald Green

Scene-setting fashion houses Versace and Bottega Veneta feature the happy hue in their pre-fall collections, and Pantone named Illuminating (a vivid yellow) one of 2021’s colours of the year. In New Zealand, Deadly Ponies has released its infamously cool leather goods in a sunny yellow, too.

Ganni Pleated Georgette Long Sleeve Mini Dress from Workshop

It is no secret that Christchurch can have four seasons in a day.


Deadly Ponies Mr Micro Chain Mail


Paloma Wool Twister Sweater in Orange

So, whether you’re rugging up or keeping it light, adding a pop of autumnal terracotta, dark florals or that vibrant yellow will add a seasonal touch to any outfit.

Acne Studios Valley Scarf from Workshop


Essential autumn staples

It’s nearing the end of summer and autumn is almost around the corner. Bearing that in mind, with a new season comes a new wardrobe. We’ve put together a checklist of the most essential staples when piecing together a fabulous fall collection.




  1. Feet first: This little piggy… got cold.

    Autumn sometimes feels like a transitional season where some days are warm and others are just a bit nippy on the toes.

    If you’re wanting to put them away but still give your feet room to breathe, loafers are the perfect solution to your problems.

    Not to mention they are much more stylish than the jandals you’ve been rocking at the beach.

  2. Bust out the blazer: We’re yet to find a blazer that hasn’t looked stylish or completed any look (maybe grandma’s hand-me-down, but don’t tell her that).

    Whether you run with a petite tight-fitted blazer or go for more of an oversized look, there’s nothing wrong with giving your outfit a bit of personality.

    Not to mention they look very professional at the office and equally as cool and quirky in the bar should you decide to grab a drink after work.

  3. Meet in the middle: Midi skirts and dresses are everywhere. In saying that, it’s easy to see why – they’re just so versatile.

    Dress them up or dress them down. If you’re stressing about what to wear to an event start with a midi skirt or dress and work from there based on what you’re feeling.

    If you find the right one… it’s a match made in heaven.

  4. Feeling snug: A sweater is something that you could quite possibly wear year-round, the summer nights can cool off quite quickly.

    But to make that look feel exclusive to autumn, it might pay to find a sweater in a colour complementary to the season.

    Ideally these will be colours that are both vibrant and warm such as coral, camel or orange.

    If these aren’t colours you’re normally comfortable with trying, there’s no better time to experiment.

    The trees are turning orange and brown and so should your wardrobe.

  5. Try tweed: When you’re feeling a bit clueless on what to wear… sometimes it’s best to channel your inner Cher.

    You should like totally try treed – is probably what she would say and she’s right.

    It’s bold and it’s exciting and it’s definitely a statement staple that could make an appearance every autumn.




Embrace Autumn in Merivale

At the heart of the desirable Merivale shopping precinct, you will find the iconic destination store Corso Merivale.


The exquisite boutique is characterised by notable brands not found elsewhere in Christchurch and it is their goal to ensure that Corso Merivale sets itself apart in quality, selection and service. As we head into autumn it gives us an opportunity to embrace the cooler weather and all its characteristics. Strong rich colours in whisky, dark inks and saffron can be found in a beautiful range of hand blocked linen cushions made at the hands of talented artisans. Natural materials are the focus at Corso Merivale; cashmere, wool, linen and organic cotton, just to touch on a few.

Along with the change of season comes an exciting change in beautiful quality homewares and lifestyle ranges on offer, from the comfort of Danish house shoes Glerups to the stunning fragrances from Belgium, Baobab candles. Cashmere separates by Laing Home are enduringly stylish, while Missoni’s very latest towelling selection will add vibrancy to your bathrooms, and layering textures and colours will give you depth, creating a rich and inviting ambience.


For the fashion savvy, R.M. Williams’s boots have marked their territory firmly at Corso Merivale. These iconic boots will endure for many years and only get better with age. Bassike continues to be a firm favourite, while Good & Co.’s unique winter range of merino and silk scarves are a touch of luxury either as a gift or for yourself.

Corso Merivale invites you to come and be inspired at 209-211 Papanui Road, or visit