Stone age

Stone in the home is a design trend that just won’t quit. Inside and out, the natural material projects character, opulence and moodiness which is starting to go beyond benchtops and bathroom tiling.


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Interior experts are predicting stone – and stone-look – to be big in home design this year, as the appeal of biophilic design (things which imitate nature) and textured materials continues to take hold.

Stone is popularly used in kitchens and bathrooms, for counter tops and floor and wall tiling. Marble and granite are especially prevalent, as the dense and hardwearing materials resist stains, withstand heat and refuse to lose lustre over time.

However, the material is also starting to be used in flooring in living areas – and especially to seamlessly integrate indoor and outdoor living spaces.

Stone splashbacks, basins and sinks are also having a moment, as are stone homewares like serving and ornamental plates, vases, ornaments and candleholders.

Outside, stone is of course universally applied as paving, or when broken up, as garden fill. Some designers are even creating modern takes on mosaic designs by breaking up slabs and laying the pieces in haphazard patterns.

Not only does stone look fantastic, but according to the psychology of interior design (which looks at how our subconscious reacts to our surroundings), experts say stone represents stability. And after recent times, it’s not hard to see the appeal of that.


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