Feeling blue: Resene

The concept of a blue and grey colour scheme may seem a little chilly to many people, particularly for a living area. But, the finished result in this living room is charming, cosy and oh-so-modern in a strong blue and grey look, thanks largely to the dynamic, diagonally painted feature wall.


Styling by Emily Somerville-Ryan | Photography by Melanie Jenkins  *


This design shows the key lies in using deep, warm tones, and adding plenty of natural textures and layers. It is painted in, from top, Resene Indian Ink, Resene Athens Grey and Resene Atmosphere, with flooring in Resene Stack.
A velvet armchair and deep blue patterned rug warm up the look, with a bench in Resene Blue Night in semi-gloss – perfect on which to stack mid-century modern-inspired vases, decorative plants and the latest reads on architecture and interior inspiration.
While triangles are one of the simplest feature wall effects, the structure and colours of these triangles keep it from being overly cliché, giving a modern look to the room. Using the darker toned blue at the top of the wall, also adds cosiness by appearing to lower the wall height – imagine the difference if it was just one clear wall in white or grey. For an even more dramatic effect, the dark blue could also be used on the ceiling.
The use of textured, tactile fabrics such as knits, rope, velvets and wool bring an immediate sense of warmth to the room, while the freshness of the plants and grey accessories keep it from being too dense and dark.



*PAINT: Wall top triangle in Resene Indian Ink; middle triangle in Resene Athens Grey; bottom triangle in Resene Atmosphere; flooring in Resene Stack; ropey side table in Resene Indian Ink; bench in Resene Blue Night semi-gloss; small pot in Resene Eighth Tapa.

*ACCESSORIES: Candle, cushion, string of pearls and silver dollar vine plants from Shut the Front Door; chair, rug, vases, throw, fiddle leaf fig and Monstera leaf stems all from Freedom Furniture; Hydrangea Tassel cushion from Thread Design.

Get inspired at your local Resene ColorShop, www.resene.co.nz/colorshops.


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