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Feeling blue: Resene

The concept of a blue and grey colour scheme may seem a little chilly to many people, particularly for a living area. But, the finished result in this living room is charming, cosy and oh-so-modern in a strong blue and grey look, thanks largely to the dynamic, diagonally painted feature wall.


Styling by Emily Somerville-Ryan | Photography by Melanie Jenkins  *


This design shows the key lies in using deep, warm tones, and adding plenty of natural textures and layers. It is painted in, from top, Resene Indian Ink, Resene Athens Grey and Resene Atmosphere, with flooring in Resene Stack.
A velvet armchair and deep blue patterned rug warm up the look, with a bench in Resene Blue Night in semi-gloss – perfect on which to stack mid-century modern-inspired vases, decorative plants and the latest reads on architecture and interior inspiration.
While triangles are one of the simplest feature wall effects, the structure and colours of these triangles keep it from being overly cliché, giving a modern look to the room. Using the darker toned blue at the top of the wall, also adds cosiness by appearing to lower the wall height – imagine the difference if it was just one clear wall in white or grey. For an even more dramatic effect, the dark blue could also be used on the ceiling.
The use of textured, tactile fabrics such as knits, rope, velvets and wool bring an immediate sense of warmth to the room, while the freshness of the plants and grey accessories keep it from being too dense and dark.



*PAINT: Wall top triangle in Resene Indian Ink; middle triangle in Resene Athens Grey; bottom triangle in Resene Atmosphere; flooring in Resene Stack; ropey side table in Resene Indian Ink; bench in Resene Blue Night semi-gloss; small pot in Resene Eighth Tapa.

*ACCESSORIES: Candle, cushion, string of pearls and silver dollar vine plants from Shut the Front Door; chair, rug, vases, throw, fiddle leaf fig and Monstera leaf stems all from Freedom Furniture; Hydrangea Tassel cushion from Thread Design.

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Repetition & rhythm: RESENE

While there will always be artistic styles that experience waxing and waning popularity, the artwork you choose for your space should feel very personal. Whether you opt for an investment piece or simply want to display something that holds sentimental value, the key is picking something that really speaks to you – or something you at least enjoy looking at.

Styling by Kate Alexander | Photography by Bryce Carleton

Wall in Resene Flotsam Arch in Resene Alabaster Floor in Resene Alabaster Right wall in Resene Polo Blue Stipe at left in Resene Bunting Chairs in Resene Link Water Vase in Resene Time Out Coasters in Resene Frozen *


Once you’ve found a piece that you really love, why not use it to inspire a colour palette for the room in which you’ll be hanging it?

This modern garden room or conservatory features an original artwork by Hannah Jensen, one of many artists who paints her works using Resene products.

If you are unsure what colours are used in the artwork you own, you can always upload a photo or scan of your piece to the Resene Colour Palette Generator,

The generator creates a Resene colour palette based on the most common colours in the image and advises a proportion for colour use.

From there, you can download swatches to start fleshing out your design scheme.

One clever idea is to use the shape of your artwork to create similar shapes on your walls.

In this space, an arch has been painted in Resene Alabaster over a background in Resene Flotsam. Then, repeat the same shape throughout the room to create a sense of continuity.

Here, the rice paper lantern, the table, the vases and the wheels of the cart carry the theme throughout the space. In the same way round shapes have been repeated, so have colours.

The wall at the right in Resene Polo Blue and the vase on the table in Resene Time Out bring the main colour of the artwork further into the space.

To bridge the gap between the lightest colour in the room (Resene Alabaster), the darkest colour (Resene Bunting) and the grey of Resene Flotsam, Resene Link Water was used on the chairs, small vases and plant pots to link together the entire colour palette.

And, the decision to stick to a tonal scheme gives the artwork more visual space to shine.

Background in Resene Polo Blue and A4 drawdown paint swatches (from left to right) in Resene Time Out, Resene Flotsam, Resene Bunting and Resene Alabaster, a vase in Resene Time Out and a coaster in Resene Frozen.



*BoConcept Sydney Trolley in Oak Veneer, Jardin White Bistro Table, Spotlight Glass Buddha Sculpture and Bouclair Modern Nature Vase, Kmart tin and vase in Resene Polo Blue, Father Rabbit garden tools.

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Into the wild blue yawn-der: Resene

It’s pretty easy to imagine nodding off in this calm and cool monochromatic lounge.

Styling Kate Alexander | Photography Bryce Carleton *



*Rug from The Ivy House, armchair from Freedom Furniture, Gidon Bing vase from Mr Bigglesworthy and art by Margaret Petchell from endemicworld.

Watery teals, like the Resene Fast Forward on the console and lamp shade, are a hot trend at the moment and look especially vogueish when mixed with baby blue Resene Mystery and steely Resene Artemis.

The tui print and fish ornaments lend the space a fun bit of fauna flair, while the walnut accents and natural accessories bring warmth and balance out the cool tones.


L-R: Resene Mystery, Resene Artemis, Resene Fast Forward, Resene Half Duck Egg Blue.


Get inspired at your local Resene ColorShop,


Colour Therapy

We’ve long paid heed to the critical nature of colour when it comes to our homes, but it’s high time we took this into consideration when filling our wardrobes. Research shows that fashion is one of the simplest ways we can transform our emotions and confidence may just be a power outfit away!


So whether you’re hoping to soothe, energise or simply amp up the serotonin levels of those around you, it’s time you started taking sartorial inspiration from the colour wheel. Let us help you dress for success!


Sleepy head: If you wake up in the morning and the coffee just isn’t quite cutting it, your next best bet is to dress in red. The colour is said to evoke strong feelings of energy and excitement and an added bonus is that it draws attention to the wearer. If you want to be noticed, this is the colour to do it in. Add a red lip to your outfit as well to really make those confidence levels seriously soar.


Never mellow in yellow: If you’re feeling blue, we have the solution for you. Much like the bright summer sun, the colour yellow makes most people happy, probably because memories of sitting on the beach and soaking up the rays are linked to the warm colour. Add accents of yellow to your outfits to bring out all of those positive feelings and lift your mood as a result.


Cool, calm and collected: It’s long been said that when you’re feeling anxious, blue hues are calming. Bring a sense of serenity to your outfits by showcasing any shade of blue. And if we haven’t already reminded you enough, the Pantone colour of the year is Classic Blue – so what better reason do you need to incorporate the shade?


Creative thinking: They say that if you’re in need of some inspiration, then purple is the colour for you. The hue has long been associated with fantasy and spirit, sparking those creative juices in your head. Not to mention it’s one of Maleficent’s signature colours and that woman is full of confidence! Channel her in your outfit and take over any kingdom… or workplace.


Step into wedding season

Whether you’re the bride, bridesmaid or a guest, it’s the heels that will give you your Cinderella moment. Metropol caught up with leading shoe designer Kathryn Wilson about the latest season of heels we can expect to see stepping into wedding season.



Why did you want to make the move into wedding footwear?
We have a lot of brides and bridal parties requesting bridal footwear and purchasing our beautiful shoes for their wedding day…we decided it would be great to offer our best-selling shapes and styles in a colour palette suited to weddings. We named the capsule collection ‘Happily Ever After’ and named each shoe with a wedding theme.


Happily Ever After Rose


Can you tell us a bit about the colour palette you’ve selected for the collection?


We have offered most styles in an off white, soft pink and blue and metallic leathers, pewter, gold and silver, which are great neutrals for bridal parties. Each pair has a blue glitter sole for their ‘something blue’ on their special day.


Happily Ever After White



Do you have any favourites or are they all your ‘babies’?
Haha yes definitely love them all but my favourite style would be the Challis Heel in white powder blue which has a beautiful gold metal wrap detail on the heel and a front platform so you can dance the night away with a reduced pitch on the heel.



Blushing Bride Powder Blue


about beautiful, well-structured traditional styles?
It depends on each bride and their own style… we offer our ‘classic hit’ styles in a bridal palette which are very timeless designs with the intention that you can wear them on your wedding day but also with jeans and a shirt to work or a long lunch with girlfriends… I think they should be a versatile style that gets use after your big day.

Blushing Bride White



What are some of the most important features of wedding shoes?
Comfort, for sure! So you can stay in them all day and dance the night away… but also be feminine and flattering on the foot as a finishing touch to the wedding dress. Several styles in our bridal collection have a stacked heel which will suit garden weddings on grass, as a lot of New Zealand summer weddings are outdoors, which make fine stiletto heels tricky to wear.


Going to the Chapel Lace


What was your own choice for your special day?
Funnily enough I couldn’t decide until on the day! I took a few options with me from our collection and then decided on a closed toe style with a high ankle detail… these are being added to our ‘Happily Ever After’ collection this summer.


Happily Ever After Powder Blue

What are some of the main trends – colours, features etc – we can expect to see coming through over the next year across all shoe styles?
We have a lot of beautiful colour showing in our current and next summer collections… the winter styles which are currently available are offered in classic rich palettes of chocolate, tan etc but bright accents of hot pink croc, pink, blue and orange metallics… the Summer ’20 collections are super pretty soft pastels with apple green and lilac being key tones.
We cannot resist a beautiful, colourful, comfortable shoe to brighten our day and make us feel like you can take on the world!


Wedded Bliss White Pebble


Fake it till you make it

Did you know dressing well or even wearing a certain colour can be an instant mood-lifter? Yes, it turns out confidence may just be a power outfit away! Research shows that fashion is one of the simplest ways we can transform our emotions and overall confidence. So let us help you dress for success!


  1. SLEEPY HEAD: If you wake up in the morning and the coffee just isn’t quite cutting it, your next best bet is to dress in red. The colour is said to evoke strong feelings of energy and excitement. Add a red lip to your outfit to really make that confidence level soar.
  2. NEVER MELLOW IN YELLOW: If you’re feeling blue, we have the solution for you. Much like the bright summer sun, the colour yellow makes most people happy. Probably because memories of sitting on the beach or soaking up the rays are linked to the warm colour. Add accents of yellow to your outfits to bring out all of those positive feelings and lift your mood.
  3. COOL, CALM AND COLLECTED: They say when you’re feeling anxious that blue hues are calming. Bring a sense of serenity to your outfits by showcasing any shade of blue. And if we haven’t already reminded you enough, the Pantone colour of the year is Classic Blue – so what better reason do you need to incorporate the shade?


Burst of blue

If there was one defining design trend of the 2010s, it was the all-white kitchen. But in 2020, designers predict there’ll be a shift toward spaces that go beyond just white. For a kitchen with a pop of colour, why not go for a burst of blue? It is after all, Pantone’s colour of the year!



  1. CABINET: Kitchen cabinets are a great way to add a pop of colour without it feeling like overkill. Make sure it’s a shade of blue that you love, after all the kitchen is the heart of the home!
  2. WALL: Despite Classic Blue being crowned as Pantone’s colour of the year, it’s navy blue that will steal the show on large wall spaces; it’s not too over powering but still makes a serious statement.
  3. BACKSPLASH: If you really want the blue to take centre stage in the kitchen, then the backsplash is for you. Not only is it very functional, preventing water damage to the wall behind the sink, it’s very eye-catching and allows for you to play with the aesthetics of the room.

Blue Bayou

We’ve long had a love affair with the colour blue and in 2020 it’s just as popular as ever. We check out how to work this watery hue into the home.



Blue is a cool colour on the palette wheel, but one which warms the heart.

Mysterious inky depths of French navy and indigo through to the softness of powdery baby blue, there is purpose and place for its mood-inducing effect in every room.

Blue buddies up well with other shades.

Blue and white is a traditional combination with historical beginnings on exotic palace walls and tiles, to classic crockery patterns and gingham cloth.

Dark blue and white in a kitchen is a sophisticated alternative to the smart black and white theme. Blue and green can be harmonised to copycat nature.

A blue and purple blend is pure lavender-patch lusciousness.

Whereas blue and yellow evokes Italian themes.

Pairing bold blues with orange, fuchsia or hot pink saturates the shade. Adding sandy shades as a neutral softens blue.

Bright blue adds adventure to kids’ rooms, when paired with other primary bolds.

Pale blue with silver or gold is so palace of Versailles, and is pure art deco decadence against cobalt blue.

In the bathroom, blue creates a watery playground and in the living room, an expansive airy feel.

Peace and serenity abound in a bedroom of blues – a restful, natural background.

French blue is always chic – think dusky denim and cornflower, with blue on blue textures perhaps merging with whites and greys.

Washed out grey-blues are perfect in a home that follows a neutral palate. Blue greens of the aqua palate fit in anywhere.

Certain shades of blue in the wrong lighting, or without natural light, can feel a little cold.

Just like the sky, blue comes alive against the sun rays. Dark shades ironically make small rooms appear larger, as the depth merges the corners.

However too much expanse of navy in a large room can be too sombre.

In the living room, especially with large windows, blue merges with the sky or blends with watery view.

Jazz up a beige carpet with a sumptuous blue rug.

Blue glass for water vessels or ornaments conjure up images of Greece, a place where they love to paint the walls and floors in this very Mediterranean colour – even with all that sea and sky they’re blessed with. But we all just can’t get enough of blue.


Signature Liveliness

Turquoise is one of most calming and soothing colours you could use to make your space feel relaxing. Named after a mineral of the same brilliant chroma, its hue is reminiscent of Tiffany boxes to some and Caribbean waters to others.




Turquoise is often confused with aqua, teal and light blue. While it’s true that turquoise is pretty similar to all of them, it is still a unique colour all on its own, and is obtained by mixing light blue, light green, and a tiny of vibrant yellow for its signature liveliness.

Turquoise home décor is often perceived as exotic, although it’s considerably easy and practical to combine with a wide variety of styles from bold and vibrant to more traditional looks.

In what would have otherwise been a very basic bathroom, this space has been given a massive mood lift with Resene Yes Please on the tongue-and-groove panelling to complement the creamy yellow undertones of the Resene Elderflower walls.

Staining the floors with Resene Colorwood Mid Greywash nods to a natural, beachy feel, which inspired the incorporation of sea-coloured accessories in Resene Meditation, Resene Kandinsky, Resene Remember Me and Resene Freelance.

By sticking to crisp white bath linens and bathroom fixtures with stainless steel chrome finishes, like the LeVivi Marbella Freestanding Bath and Devon Vanity from Plumbing World, the result feels restful and spa-like.

Timber flooring in Resene Colorwood Mid Greywash with A4 drawdown paint swatches (from left to right) in Resene Yes Please, Resene Elderflower, Resene Wishing Well, Resene Mystery and Resene Meditation.


Perfect Presents

It’s almost impossible not to discover the perfect present amongst the carefully selected collection of stylish homeware, gifts and jewellery at French Blue.



From beautiful Israeli jewellery, stunning handmade Italian scarves and Swedish rugs, to Mexican outdoor pots, French confit pots and European table linen, owner Catherine Matthews always keeps her eyes peeled for gorgeous, high-quality products.

“We also have gorgeous silk and cotton scarves from Amsterdam, handcrafted European ceramics, unique Danish toys, French espadrilles and a variety of luxury toiletries, including soaps, hand creams, candles and diffusers.”

The store’s selection of beautiful interior décor and food cuisine books make for ideal Christmas gifts for hard-to-buy-for family members or friends. For that special je ne sais quoi, French Blue abounds with tempting gift ideas.

Located in Elmwood Village, visit French Blue at 9a Normans Road, or phone 355 7545 for more information.