An electrifying ride

When I picked up the Mercedes EQC 4matic from Armstrong Mercedes the only thing that rattled my head was that name, EQC. Something that, when I posted on Instagram, I got a few messages about.   But as this beautiful machine glided out onto the motorway and I placed my foot on the brushed alloy […]

Top of its automotive game: Skoda Karoq

Skoda was founded in 1850 as an arms producer before later moving into transportation in 1895.     It was Skoda that produced the velocipede bicycle and the later Czech-designed Panzer 38(t) armored vehicle became one of the world’s best at the time. The 1960s saw an increase in exporting from Czechoslovakia, with models like […]

Simple but elegant

When you’ve driven every Mitsubishi over the course of a year, one thing seems to be constant – simplicity, despite this simplicity, every vehicle from the Triton to the Pajero is packed to the brim with everything you need from a modern vehicle.     The Pajero Sport is no different. This seven-seater has loads […]

Triumph of tech

I WAS HAVING A GREAT CONVERSATION WITH KAROL ABRASOWICZ-MADEJ FROM BMW RECENTLY ABOUT WHERE HE THOUGHT THE AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY WAS HEADING AND I WALKED AWAY WITH THE WORD INNOVATION AS KEY.     Electric vehicles, yes but more in the very way we use the technology and how that will interface with individuals. We already […]

A luxury lifesaver

FORTUNATE TO HAVE THE MITSUBISHI OUTLANDER SPORT FOR TWO WEEKS, I REALLY GOT TO USE IT TO ITS FULL CAPACITY.   It’s one thing getting to drive something small and sporty, but when push comes to shove, the opportunity to take on a seven-seater with heaps of space ended up being a lifesaver. Throw the […]

Plenty of power

ONE COULD BE CONSIDERED LUCKY WHEN MERCEDES INVITES THEM TO ITS AUCKLAND OFFICE TO TEST DRIVE THE NEW MERCEDES GLS 400D 4MATIC.   Ushered into to the boardroom, we were given an extensive breakdown of the specifications. It’s a seven-seat SUV with more spin than a very spinny thing! With a 3.0-litre six-cylinder, 243 kW […]

Fun with power

THE MITSUBISHI 20MY OUTLANDER HAS BEEN ONE OF THE MOST SURPRISINGLY ENJOYABLE DRIVES I’VE HAD THIS YEAR.   The plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) gave a range of 55km and the average person drive 32kn a day in Christchurch, according to Christchurch Mitsubishi Fleet Sales Manager David Boyce. The sunroof was great and the drive […]

As good as it gets

Mitsubishi is renowned for being a solid, sturdy build – especially when it comes to their Outlander range.     It’s increasingly going from a rural vehicle to an urban one; ideal for the family that needs something to tow the boat, caravan, jet ski or bikes. The new PHV has increased handling, power and […]

Toast to champagne

At this time of year, we are turning our heads to celebrations; Christmas parties and family get-togethers. Regardless of the event, nothing says celebration like the most prestigious of wines: champagne.     A severe set of winters in the 49th parallel north in the 1600s saw the French offloading late-fermenting, sweet – about 30 […]

A whole lot of grunt

Need a seven-seater family vehicle that can tow a caravan, boat or jet ski? The new Mercedes Benz GLE 300d is just the vehicle for you.     I picked it up from Armstrong Prestige and I have to say, I was quite intimidated by the size of it. Its exterior has beautiful lines and […]