Washing up on produce

As tempting as it may be to bite into a freshly bought apple straight from the bag, it’s long been known produce should be rinsed before consumption.But, just how much washing is required?   Visible dirt on your potatoes, the thought of all the hands that have touched your tomatoes and the various sprays used […]

In season

As the days continue to warm and the sunshine hours increase, summer fruit and vegetables flourish to provide us with deliciously ripened produce for our plates – often ready to just be rinsed and eaten right away.   BETTER FOR YOU Not only does our produce taste better when in season, but the fresher the […]

Asparagus fit for royalty: Grays Produce

The arrival of fresh green asparagus is a sure sign of summer, and those locally grown at Gray’s Produce also come with a royal tick of approval.   Christopher and Jenny Gray have been growing the nutritious, flavoursome stalks on their Motukarara farm, just off the Christchurch Akaroa Road, since 2003. Their strict attention to […]

Sustainable Spaces

Creating food in your own backyard is a great way to minimise your environmental impact. And it’s not as time or labour intensive as you might think!   Raised vegetable gardens, homegrown herbs, low-maintenance fruit trees, backyard beehives and DIY compost – they are growing in popularity as we increasingly seek sustainability from our spaces. […]

Dipping into spring

A universal joy of warmer seasons is the vibrant and flavoursome fresh produce yields – and using the ingredients in creative ways. As the weather heats up, our preferred snacks tend to cool down, and one way to embrace the colour and crispness of fresh seasonal produce is to create refreshing savoury dips in the […]