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Back in business: Mike Pero Real Estate Fendalton

After a brief hiatus, thanks to a certain pandemic, Mike Pero Real Estate Fendalton franchise owners Kelvin and Jacqui are back in business … and it is booming.



“It is an extremely exciting time for us. We’re very motivated, stimulated and impelled by the current market,” says Kelvin Howell.

The new home office set-up allows Kelvin and co-owner Jacqui McBride to make the most of their mornings, often taking the time to head out for a walk along the river before their busy day commences.

“On any day we’ll be out organising the marketing of a campaign, arranging the dressing of a home for photo shoots, actual photo shoots and videos, attending viewings or open homes and then there’s the writing up of contracts and negotiating,” Howell mentions.

“While all this is happening, we’re fitting in property appraisals, meeting new clients and helping buyers and sellers post-contract. We have a full administration, marketing and IT team assisting and without them we really couldn’t put together the successful campaigns we have, but even then, we frequently aren’t back home until late in the evening.

“Anything can, and does happen, and we never clock-off until loose ends have been tied up, and our people are happy.”

And it is that drive that cements their business philosophy, that each individual client should feel satisfied the right thing for them has been achieved with good, honest professional integrity. “We believe that first and foremost we are working with and for people, while using our knowledge and experience to guide, help and support them.”

For MPRE Fendalton, it is not just about being real estate specialists. “Our point of difference is that our brand works very closely alongside Mike Pero Mortgages which can also assist with insurance, if needed. It’s a bit like a big family and we are just a small part of a large team.

“In addition, when a listing or a sale contract has been signed up, we work with our clients all the way through to settlement and possession, whether helping to organise and attend building or other technical inspections, assisting with or answering questions about finance, insurance, EQC, conducting final pre-purchase inspections and so on. This means that regular, prompt communication with all parties has to be a top priority, so we pride ourselves on our commitment to doing this, until the keys are handed over on settlement day.”

Get in touch with the team using the details featured in the advertisement.


Firing Kiwi-style

Most of us have seen his beaming smile on real estate hoardings and advertisements, and now Mike Pero takes centre stage weekly on TVNZ 1’s The Apprentice, Aotearoa.



Pero definitely knows business – he should do, given he’s made many millions of dollars for his companies. Aged 31 he launched the mortgage broking business that still bears his name and 20 years later expanded into real estate sales.

The winner of multiple business awards, he’s a motorcycle enthusiast and a six-time National Motor Cycle Road Racing champion. And now a television star!

The prominent business mogul heads a team of advisors in The Apprentice, pitting contestants against one another in challenges to test their business acumen. The first episode aired last week and although the trademark smile makes an appearance, Pero’s final words to failed contestants are still the familiar “… you’re fired.”

That said, the boardroom bullying that is a trademark of the original Donald Trump series in the USA, and Lord Sugar’s UK style too, has disappeared as Pero, and his advisors Cassie Roma and Justin Tomlinson, take a more “Kiwi” approach.

“I made it clear that my appearance on the show was conditional upon me not fitting the same description given to Trump and Lord Sugar. The producers Great Southern TV agreed that I could say what I liked, within reason, and run the boardroom as I felt necessary. The only pre-requisite was I had to lose at least one candidate per episode.”

His style is to offer constructive, educational and inspiring advice to those on the show and at home to apply to their own business endeavours. He’s there to bring out the best in them.

“Yes, I have the difficult task of dismissing one candidate each episode and that was difficult, even from the first episode.

“I would go home feeling quite sad after a firing. The standard of candidates was so high.

“My last three words to all candidates was “[name] … you’re fired!” I can still remember those words to each and every one of them. I’d like to add to those words and say “[name], you’re fired, from this show, but you’re going to continue to be a success. Go away now and show the world how good you really are – I hope we meet again!”

As to what he personally looks for in an up-and-coming business executive: “Like most Kiwi CEOs, all you want are good hard working team members that believe in fair trading, honesty, effort, commitment, drive and loyalty.

“The easiest way to succeed, I believe, is to recruit the right type of people from the beginning. You need people you can rely upon and people that will think like you – preferably smarter than you. They will be self-motivated and capable of making good decisions that bring value to the organisation.”

Age, gender, religion and nationality have no bearing on success, he says. “I have employed all types – from teens to 70-year-olds, a number of religions and various cultures.

With youth you can get fresh ideas and entrepreneurs that haven’t had a fall yet, but at the other end of the table I have found the wisdom that comes with age. The mature approach, often more cautious and not out there trying to earn a stripe. Women also bring a special intuition and a special sense that many men don’t have.

“I always advocated at least one woman (or more) on a board. They tend not to be too focused on egos. We men are always out to prove a point.”


Delivering proven results: Karen Glassey

Karen has been demonstrating her skill and ability successfully selling property for several years now – and every single property that she has listed, has sold. Karen works hard for all of her clients, she recognises that buying or selling a home is one of the biggest investments and financial commitments we can make.

Karen (left) with a client


Karen makes the whole experience as smooth as possible, she listens and provides results, and is a genuinely warm and friendly person. With exceptional organisational and time management skills, she has an enthusiastic approach and can-do attitude.

Karen values honesty, trust and loyalty and thrives on working with people to help them achieve their dreams.

With the support of the team at Mike Pero Real Estate and the unique marketing packages available Karen is 110 percent committed to making your real estate experience a positive one whilst saving you thousands with a lower commission fee.

027 567 8605 | 0800 527 364 |


The business of caring: Karen Glassey

Karen Glassey has spent her career helping people, and it is this caring philosophy which drives her approach to real estate. The Mike Pero Real Estate agent chats with Metropol.



“I care. I know that sounds really corny, but I actually take a real interest in my clients and their next step in the process. From meeting them to seeing them settled in their new home, I want the best possible outcome for them and really do go the extra mile. Once a lady needed a piece of paper signed, so I picked it up and drove it across town, got it signed, and then drove it back again.”

“I come from a retail background, and also worked for nearly 20 years as an office administrator in schools. I have always been in a role in helping people in some way shape or form. I truly want the best for people, and believe in doing the best by people.”

“I have been a residential real estate agent based in Russley and Avonhead for three years, but can help people buying and selling houses all over Canterbury. There aren’t enough houses for the number of buyers at the moment – so if you’re thinking of selling, now is definitely a great time.”

Contact Karen on 027 567 8605, 0800 527 364, via, or at the website below.


The go-to for real estate advice: Mike Pero Fendalton

Mike Pero Fendalton is your local go-to for real estate questions. “It’s great when people come in with their queries. We love that they know they won’t be ‘pounced on’ and that there is no expectation they are here to list,” Co-Owner Jacqui McBride says.



Established in Fendalton Village for four years, the five agents at Mike Pero Fendalton offer a combined 50 plus years of experience.

“We’re happy to chat about everything from buying an investment property to the layout of a home,” Jacqui says.

“It’s about building relationships within our community, so we hope people never feel awkward popping in.”

They are commonly asked for advice on the top three things someone should do before bringing their home to the market. Jacqui says it is simple… “declutter, clean, clean, clean, and check that your garden and front entrance are looking good. Staging a property also impresses prospective buyers and the team is happy to help make that happen.”

Co-owner and Jacqui’s partner, Kelvin Howell, has been in real estate for 20 years, having managed several offices along the way.

“Our point of difference is that we are friendlier and we are smaller. We will give you a detailed response, plenty of our time, and a personal touch. Mike Pero is known for a lower sales commission, but we certainly don’t offer a lower level of service – it is quite the opposite,” Kelvin says.

Marketing at Mike Pero is innovative. “We led the charge in modern home marketing, always following the principle of ‘do it once and do it right’.

Others have followed but we still have the edge with our presence in the country’s living rooms through our television marketing,” Jacqui says.

“We understand how much of your wealth your home represents to you and we believe that value should be reflected in the extent of our marketing.”

The last six months have been busy. “Our open homes are extremely well attended. Since Covid presented itself, it is business as usual but with a change in the way we conduct our open homes and business in general. Keeping our clients’ health and safety foremost in our minds.”


Getting your home noticed online: Mike Pero

COVID-19 has changed the way we buy and sell real estate. With social distancing and more people viewing and transacting property online, it has never been so important for your real estate agent to arrange exceptional virtual property presentations.


Now more than ever, professional video and quality still photography will help your home stand out from other properties for sale.

Compiling online audio-visual begins with still photography taken with a specialised lens and a video walk-through to showcase the property in more detail.

A drone-mounted camera provides the best angles and aerial shots, while dusk lighting and virtual staging provides the finishing touches to the presentation.

Preparation of the property for photo and video begins well before the day the photographer arrives.

It starts by considering your street appeal and building maintenance issues, decluttering and freshening up your decor and perhaps some professional staging.

How a property presents on a website as well as television needs to be kept in mind, as every listing with Mike Pero Real Estate gets a free television commercial, reaching thousands across New Zealand.

As your appointed agent, Annette Pendergast will advise you on the best way to market your property, including an overall online marketing campaign to ensure your home sells quickly and for the best price possible.

“I can provide objective advice on the presentation of your property, and help you prepare in advance and also on the day.”

Annette is an experienced real estate salesperson with Mike Pero Real Estate in Christchurch and delivers strategic, successful marketing campaigns.


Shady Attia

Real estate commitment: Shady Attia, Mike Pero

Handling real estate transactions is a serious business that demands a certain level of commitment and dedication to achieve the very best results. Shady Attia carries his responsibilities towards his clients with high regard to ensure they are provided with accurate information and prompt communication.


Shady Attia


“Being with the Mike Pero brand for the past five years has assisted me with establishing the best platform in which to provide an exceptionally high standard of service for both my buyers and sellers,” he says.
Shady also puts his success down to the support of his Mike Pero team. “There’s a real sense of teamwork within our brand which is hugely important when dealing with my client’s biggest asset.”

Personal values are just as important to Shady as team spirit. “Integrity and honesty are important personal values of mine, and it’s no different when it comes to business. Today, effective marketing and an agent’s advanced skill level is the difference between an average outcome and an exceptional one.”

Utilising his market knowledge, experience and personal commitment, Shady strives to make the process of selling and buying as seamless as possible for his clients. “I have dedicated my career and livelihood to this goal – to ensure a quick result and achieve the premium price.”
When not immersing himself in developing a deeper understanding of property investment and development in the Canterbury region, Shady enjoys his rugby, gym workouts, and spending time with friends and family.

Visit, find him on Facebook.

or phone 021 021 69996