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Sport of Kings

Known historically as the ‘sport of kings’, horse racing dates back to the 1500s, when British aristocracy wanted an excuse to mix and mingle in high society, with a strict dress code ensuring the royal tone of the event was maintained. And so, it continues today.




Whether it’s the thrill of watching exceptional equine champions compete for glory, the rush as your horse bags a win, or getting a piece of the sartorial action, there are a lot of reasons to head to the racetrack… and not just for the ladies.

Men, this is your chance to step up your style game and we’ve got all the stylish secrets ahead to make it a dazzling one. Enjoy.








Fashionable treasure trove: Fashionworks

Fresh spring and summer styles await at Hanmer Springs’ Fashionworks, your go-to designer label treasure trove for womenswear, footwear, accessories and more.

With Cup Day around the corner, we’re sure you’ll find your perfect outfit for race day amongst the racks at Fashionworks, where a range of high-quality womenswear resides. With stylish blazers, blouses, tank tops and dresses, plus a range of jewellery and shoes – including D&J and Hey Monday – Fashionworks will have you dressed to perfection.

Be inspired by the stunning spring arrivals in vibrant colours and fashionable florals from the likes of IvyBlu, Tuesday Label, Augustine, Wish and Charlo. Other brands to add to your spring/summer wardrobe include Molly Bracken, Cooper Street, Seduce and Zafina.

Just for men, Fashionworks has a selection of RM Williams menswear and top quality shirting, as well as Colorado shoes and boots.

For beautiful clothes with a touch of difference, visit Hanmer’s favourite fashion hotspot at 4 Conical Hill Road. Phone 03 315 7120.




Heart of the city: The Crossing

Feel the pulse of the heart of the city at The Crossing, where energy and spirits are sky high. This destination shopping hub within the CBD realises what we dreamed of for our reborn city. “The vibe is great, you get the sensation of shopping in Sydney or Melbourne, wandering the al fresco lanes where retail, dining and office space are mixed with intoxicating vigour,” The Crossing Centre Manager Kelly Morison says.



There is an amazing selection of stores and always something more to find. Kit yourself out for Cup Week and seasonal events with beauty, nails, shoes and accessories, as well as a stunning selection of men’s and women’s fashion, cafés and restaurants to keep your energy levels high while you hunt and gather your killer look.

“The team at The Crossing are so excited to be part of the movement bringing Cup and Show Week, wedding festivities and seasonal functions back to the central city,” Kelly says.

To celebrate, The Crossing has named the ‘Best Dressed’ competition at Addington ‘Fashion Starts Here’, reflecting its philosophy ‘The City Starts Here’. Visit for information on the fashion competition.

The Crossing hosts flagship H&M, Country Road, Ruby and Seed stores. Ivy Blu and Workshop stores carry their own stunning collections, as well as desirable pieces chosen from international labels. Renowned florist Bourbon Rose is upstairs, along with the food terrace – Joyful Express, and Cookai sushi train are a hit with families.


Madisons Off Broadway has the best range of special occasion wear in Christchurch, bringing in pieces from Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, and Ralph Lauren. Men have so much more choice than usual with Barkers, Country Road, Rodd and Gunn, H&M, and Workshop geared to fit out the discerning gent.

Stirling Women has wonderful leisure and workout gear, The Gift Shop is awesome for a forage for unusual gifts, Fresh Choice City Market lives up to its name, and an award-winning Coffee Culture sits in the middle of this meandering den of delights.

Parking is a dream at $2 for the first two hours and easy access on Lichfield Street opposite the central bus exchange, but the best kept secret is that The Crossing carpark hosts Christchurch’s newest, state of the art preschool. Open this month and taking bookings, this gorgeous facility has separate spaces for different age groups, a classroom for those transitioning to school, and a playground that your little one won’t want to leave, not to mention views across the city.

Open 9am-6pm weekdays, 10am-5pm weekends and holidays, plus extended hours for Christmas shopping, Customer Service always has someone to help. “The Crossing in the heart of the city is a vibrant fun place to be in our wonderful developing city,”  Kelly says.




Get your style game on

There may be a proverbial 20-year cycle that dominates fashion trends but men, that’s no excuse to wait two decades until you’re back in style again! We’ve hunted out our top picks to keep your wardrobe at the top of its game this season.




1. Dyed vibe
Street style stars like John Mayer, Justin Bieber, and Jonah Hill brought back the dyed vibe in 2018 and it’s a laid-back look that doesn’t seem to be getting pushed off its perch anytime soon.

2. Not fading away
While there will still always be a place for the dark-rinse, straight leg pair of jeans, light-wash denim isn’t fading off the sartorial consciousness anytime soon. Rocking denim is all about the contrast, so team your light-wash with a cool dark navy coat.

3. Sweet like chocolate
If you’re looking to mix up your neutral go-tos (the classics; navy, grey and white), brown is the new black. Even though chocolate is life, brown is about so much more than these sweet hues, with a range of browns from light oatmeal to dark olive khakis making the what’s hot list this year.

4. Newsboy cap
Newsboy caps are a fun addition to menswear fashions in 2019. To pull it off, stick to a hat in pure wool or a wool blend and interesting textures like tweed and herringbone will get you extra points.

5. All puffed up
These big, bulky pieces of outerwear provide insulation from harsh weather like no other. As always, black is a tempting staple, but the trick here is to bring some colour to the drab streetscapes.

6. Corduroy comeback
It was once hot, then very much not, but it seems for winter 2019 we are set to once again embrace the nostalgic familiarity and dependable practicality of corduroy. Heavy duty and hard wearing is the name of this sartorial game, making it a men’s wear must-have for the cooler months.

7. Do what suits
When it comes to formal wear, double-breasted suits – in their multi-button finery – are a man’s ‘breast’ friend. When it’s time to suit up, plaid, navy and charcoal are firm favourites and, while there are no hard and fast rules for the accompanying trousers, pleated trousers are a popular pairing with the jacket shape.

8. Plaid pant
The seventies have been staying alive in menswear in one form or another for years, but that didn’t stop the era from staging an outright onslaught on our wardrobes in 2018. Thankfully rather than disco hair and platform shoes, this year it’s all about the plaid pant. Make sure you pair your plaid with a common colour in your closet so you can mix and match outfits.

9. Vintage arm candy
Small, vintage style watches have been making a comeback for the last few years and that’s not expected to change anytime soon, as we’re increasingly seeking simple, old school aesthetics with a smaller watch face. We’re starting to see more 40mm watch faces than the 42-45mm these timepieces had crept up to.


The Winter Wrap Up: Working Style

Four distinct and beautiful seasons (sometimes all in one day) are as synonymous with Christchurch as a view of the rugged snow-capped mountains across the plains. You don’t need a trip down memory lane to geography class to know us Cantabrians experience both a high annual and diurnal temperature range.



A clear crisp winter’s morning can see Ōtautahi shiver in the minus degrees, only to be basking in brilliant sunshine, cobalt blue skies and temperatures in the balmy late teens for a couple of hours in the afternoon. Other mornings dawn calm and mild, only to develop into a ripping easterly, a delight for the estuary’s superhuman kite and windsurfers, but threatening to flay the skin from the bones of mere mortal citizens.

The team at premier men’s fashion atelier Working Style, understand that this spicy variety in Canterbury life can mean one thing: layers! Working Style’s Creative Director Karl Clausen is now Auckland-based, but remembers with great fondness his Christchurch years. “There are some very brisk days when you wake up and it’ll be zero degrees outside and a bit of frost, but blue skies. You know that you want to wrap up, but you won’t be worried like in Wellington where the rain comes in sideways.”



Karl’s local knowledge ensures that Working Style embraces our delicious variation and caters to local men’s layering needs this winter. “Adding layers brings an element of comfort and joy – putting on your favourite coat and scarf; it’s something that I haven’t been able to do living in Auckland,” Karl says.

“There is no doubt that layering up now can be more colourful, diverse and put together. Rather than a heavy overcoat it can be a puffer or down coat, colourful and well-designed giving the wearer the opportunity to be more expressive. Other guys will be more comfortable making a more considered purchase of an outerwear piece that will last them a long time. In recent times we’ve tried to make those items a little more interesting without detracting from their longevity.”



This season at Working Style includes a beautiful heavy basket weave overcoat in navy. While contemporary, it is not so fashion-forward that it will be out of style next year. It will also transition through your wardrobe if you wear it over tailoring, or wear it over something a bit more casual.

The scarf range includes the interesting and playful as well as classic colours, and there are stunning heavy-soled boots this season. It is a gum-soled desert boot, giving comfort and durability against the elements. “We are in tune with what winters mean across New Zealand and where our stores and clients are based. We develop our collections to cater to clients’ lifestyles and what the season throws at them too.”



Visit Working Style Christchurch at 242 Papanui Road.