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From paperwork to completion: WD Build x Hardy Projects

You might be thinking you’ve done the easy part – registered before the deadline on the EQC website for on-sold, over-cap properties – but are dreading what comes next: preparing the paperwork, communicating with the Christchurch City Council, and of course coping with the stress and upheaval of the repair itself.



Relax! Mitchell James and Paul Hardy, Directors of WD Build and Hardy Projects have been at the forefront of this programme since its inception.

They help owners with the process from the paperwork at the very beginning, to handing over beautifully finished homes at the completion of the project.

“We have so much experience with the EQC process, as well as bringing our building expertise from engineered foundations to architectural finishes,” says Mitchell.

Client Ben McLean is delighted with the result he received.

“Working with Mitchell and Paul was so easy – they made the process really straightforward when we didn’t have a clue about what was required,” he says.

The house required foundation repair, a partial relevel, new flooring, tiling in the bathroom, internal painting, electrics brought to code, and the underfloor insulation (which had been non-compliant) all replaced. The garage had its foundations dug out and replaced as well as blockwork repaired.

“The house looks amazing,” says Ben. “And the estimate of four to six months work was actually completed in 12 weeks!”

With Mitchell and Paul on the job the work was very well planned, started quickly, ran smoothly and was completed to a very high standard.

“I’d recommend WD Build and Hardy Projects to anyone in a heartbeat,” says Ben.

Paul says: “For home owners who have registered with EQC and now need to engage a contactor to get things moving along, just pick up the phone and talk to us about an initial free assessment of your home and we’ll make a plan from there.”

Hardy Projects 

Phone: 0800 742 739

WD Build 

Phone: 0274 134 382



An electrifying ride

When I picked up the Mercedes EQC 4matic from Armstrong Mercedes the only thing that rattled my head was that name, EQC. Something that, when I posted on Instagram, I got a few messages about.

Jack Prebble Media


But as this beautiful machine glided out onto the motorway and I placed my foot on the brushed alloy AMG accelerator, all bad reminders were left 5.1 seconds behind me as this beautifully lined, refined electric vehicle took off.

I had Billie Eilish’s Bad Guy pumping through the 13-speaker, nine-channel, 590w Burmester surround sound system with the interior AMG lighting system turning to a cool blue.

Gripping the multi-function Nappa leather sports steering wheel, that gnarly little smile crept onto my face and I knew I was in for a great day on the road.

Being fully electric, the EQC has a range of 354km, with the emergency AC-DC adapter for a backup option.

The electricity on a low output standard house plug just does not have the juice to power the battery fast enough if you are exceeding, like me, 80km a day.

You can recharge at stations around the city, but I highly recommend you install the Wallbox charging system.

This is a stunnin

g electric vehicle: a 300kw duel electric engine 0 to 100km on 5.1 (but it feels much faster than that), 4Matic all-wheel drive, 760Nm torque – all with a base price of $142,000.


I was going to write shocking to be funny but that would make it sound bad, and it is not in any way at all.


Jack Prebble Media

My model had some up-spec roller sun blinds and 21-inch multi-spoke wheels. The multi-spoke wheels are a total stunner as was the diamond white paint job.

Now it’s not often an up-spec spins my wheels, forgive the pun, but it really does give a bespoke look to an already outstanding vehicle.

Back to back with the standard model there is quite a different look to it and damn it, it is sexier.

I took my friend Lisa out to get a woman’s perspective on it. After a lovely lunch at Botanic we took a leisurely drive. Afterward I asked her what she thought.

The verdict? “Luxurious with impressive lighting and super sexy rose gold air vents, girls love that.”

She went on to wax lyrical: “A gorgeous car, great lines. I absolutely loved it and it’s the first car I’ve been in, in ages, that I would really like to own.”

Believe me, this woman knows what she wants so this is a five-star rating.

It gets a five-star from me with the reminder that you must install the Wallbox home charging system.

If you’re making a choice on electric vehicles this year, please finish with the Mercedes EQC 4matic. It is an electrifying vehicle. Badumdum.

Jack Prebble Media


Trained eye for faults

Knowledge is power and it’s that kind of power you want in your back pocket when making decisions about houses. The Property Detectives can make that power yours with just a phone call.



Matt Clark, Steven Uden, and Phil Uden, (aka The Property Detectives) will pinpoint the current standard of a home, problems and problems waiting to happen.

They offer a complete service pre-sale, pre-purchase, pre-rental, post-earthquake repair, or simply to provide peace of mind about your little oasis.

“Effectively, we are doing a warrant of fitness on a house,” Matt says. “And you’ll receive your comprehensive report within 24 hours of our visit”.

If issues are identified, the team can give you advice on the professional skills needed to remedy them.

“We are all Licenced Building Practitioners, we’ve got a trained eye for faults, for why something hasn’t been done right and what the standard should be,” Matt says.

Spotting botched earthquake repairs is a particular specialty and they have been doing this kind of work since 2011.

A recent client had her heart set on a home for sale and the EQC report stated all repairs were complete, however an inspection by The Property Detectives highlighted over $80,000 worth of work needed.

“We have saved people thousands of dollars and that’s a great feeling,” Matt says.

“We also back our reports 100 percent, so we’re happy to help with dispute resolution.”

Thermal imaging, drone work and critter cam are available and the team works throughout Canterbury.


Restoring to pre-quake condition

Give yourself the gift of peace of mind this Christmas by choosing Wrightway Construction to repair your earthquake damaged home.




Working closely with EQC for more than eight years, Wrightway has built up specialist knowledge of earthquake repair methodologies and has access to all the expert services, contractors and subcontractors required to ensure that your earthquake-damaged home is restored to its pre-earthquake condition.

Wrightway is one of a small group of building companies still working closely with EQC to ensure that earthquake-damaged homes are correctly repaired, managing remedial repairs through the EQC-managed process.
“While we continue to work directly with EQC to manage repairs, our business has evolved as the property and insurance markets in Canterbury have changed,” Wrightway Director Hamish Wright says.

“Although we continue to hold the full confidence of EQC and have jobs allocated through their programme, we have found that more and more homeowners are approaching us directly when they have cash-settled their claims and are looking for a company that truly understands the earthquake repair process, and can support them through that.”

In August 2019, the Government announced a $300m policy for homeowners of over-cap ‘on-sold’ properties in Canterbury to apply for an ex gratia Government payment to have their homes repaired. If you think you may be eligible for an ex gratia payment from the Government, you can find more information on, including an online form to register your details. Under the policy, homeowners have 12 months to register interest, and need to choose a contractor of their choice to complete the repair.

Hamish Wright says the company has seen a recent surge in the number of ‘on-sold’ property owners contacting them directly. “Homeowners are doing their due diligence. They have seen the number of repairs we have been involved in and understand that we have access to all the experts required to take the stress out of the repair for them.”

Contracted directly to you – with EQC responsible for payment – Hamish and Operations Manager Steve Cole team up with a group of trusted architects, engineers, and surveyors that they have been working with for a number of years. There are 25 on the in-house team including five licenced building practitioners, concrete repair specialists and quantity surveyors, plus they do their own house lifting and foundation replacements, and relevels.

If you have cash settled your claim, or believe you may qualify for the on-sold over-cap policy, Wrightway Construction is happy to do a free assessment for you. “We start from the beginning with you, from scoping through to quoting, project management, compliance, and sign-off,” Steve says.

“We know how stressful this process has been for people,” Hamish adds.

“We want to ensure they can move on with their lives with peace of mind that their home has been well-repaired for them and their families.”




Final call for repair coverage: Precision Solutions

Following the 15 August Government policy announcement that owners of on-sold over-cap Canterbury properties can apply for an ex-gratia payment to cover repairs, Precision Solutions is urging locals to have their properties assessed.




The policy gives homeowners 12 months (no later than 14 August 2020) to register their interest.

House relevelling company, Precision Solutions, says the time to check levels and foundation issues is now. Contracts manager Charles Porter estimates there may be “thousands of people out there who don’t know they have problems”.

“It’s only for a year, and if you think of how many homes have been bought and sold in Christchurch since 2011… There are pockets in Christchurch that sustained more damage than people realise, and I’m not talking about the east side, that’s pretty obvious. I’m talking about everywhere, including Papanui, Casebrook and Cashmere, where people have purchased houses which have settlement issues and earthquake damage that they are not aware of. When they try to sell, they may be forced to get a builder’s report which will then show up any issues. If you miss this time period to make a claim you could be out tens of thousands of dollars.”

The team offers a free initial site visit within the Christchurch area that provides assessment to identify issues and help navigate the remedial path. They work alongside engineers and industry professionals to provide the homeowner with a complete package to repair their homes properly.

“We do a floor level survey free of charge. This helps us identify any foundation settlement and potential earthquake damage. If there is a problem we can help them go through the process. We can help them navigate what they need to do with EQC, which is actually pretty straightforward. We provide a copy of the floor level survey which they can make a remedial claim with.”

Precision Solutions offers house relevelling, building and renovation work and a project management service.

“If you think you have issues, do something about it now before it’s too late when the year’s up,” urges Charles. “I would suggest 90 percent of the calls I get result in finding damage to the house that needs rectifying.

“Our assessment and quote is obligation and cost-free. We can also work with homeowners to help project-manage the entire repair.”




Dr Megan Woods: The Influencers

Nine years on from the September earthquake, one of the most difficult issues still remaining for people in our city is the case of on-sold overcap properties.


Greater Christchurch Regeneration Minister

This is where a home is damaged in the earthquakes, has an EQC claim or repair, and is then on-sold, only for it to be discovered there is still damage that was missed or not fixed properly, that pushes the home over the statutory cap on EQC payments. For years this issue has trapped some Canterbury homeowners in limbo – they can’t get private insurance to cover it as they aren’t the original owner and they can’t get further EQC payouts beyond the cap.

Recently, our government has stepped in to help people who have been trapped for far too long. We’ve put $300 million dollars on the table for ex gratia payments, above the EQC cap, to people trapped in an on-sold mess. This funding will help people be able to finally repair their homes and get on with their lives.

Claimants will have 12 months to get their homes checked and apply for funding. Homeowners will have 12 months to make a claim to EQC for defective repairs or previously undetected damage. EQC will then work with the homeowners to agree a payment amount so repairs can be made.

This will change lives for people who have been trapped for years and help people get a sense of hope back for their future.