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Clean environments enrich productivity: Dirty Dozen Cleaning

We all know that a clean and tidy environment is essential to human well-being. Grime and clutter impede progress, while ordered surroundings not only please the eye, but help us to think and function so much better.

Dirty Dozen Cleaning Services is a locally owned and operated business.

Its reputation as being a leading cleaning service is evidenced by the loyal customer base it has built over the years.

This is a cleaning company that recognises there’s a vast variance in client needs and thereby tailors its cleaning services to the commercial, office and residential sectors.

Because it’s not a franchise, clients are assured of direct dealing with the company. All staff are security vetted and thoroughly trained to the highest professional standard.

For the bigger picture on the comprehensive range of services provided by this quality assured cleaning company, it’s recommended to visit the website (see below) to find which cleaning service best fits your requirements.

And yes, if you’re wondering about that famous film, owner Michael Munemo thought it the perfect name for the business he owns with wife Elshinah. Dirty Dozen Cleaning Services, it’s the name you just can’t forget.



Call Dirty Dozen Cleaning Services on (03) 3413103 or email via


The Dreaded Clean-Up

The Dreaded Clean-Up

I’m lucky if you’re still reading. Mention ‘cleaning’ and it’s time to turn the page, right? Exactly. That’s why this issue needs a New-Year resolution devoted to it.


The Dreaded Clean-Up


There are things in life we’d rather not deal with, and household tasks beg to top the list. That, and picking up canine poo. It may be our colonial roots… our ability and willingness to roll up our sleeves, or there could be slight embarrassment or distaste about paying someone else to deal with personally created mess. Whatever the reason, it’s probably time to get over it.

Stay with homeowners who use cleaners and it’s a strangely freeing feeling. Ok, you’re not about to make huge domestic chaos for the sake of it, but it’s nice knowing the way you live won’t be overly scrutinised by your hosts. As January has for time immemorial been the month of analysis and goal-setting, how about deciding to institute an annual (or even quarterly) commercial clean? Also – family and friends might have stayed over during summer, so there’s likely already been extra bed-changing workload.

This is something that will de-stress lingering dirt-lurking issues caused by festivities and holiday abandon. Dang; just finding the camping gear in totality is enough to unearth plenty of housekeeping opportunities at mine!
So when the to-do list is overwhelming, cleaning is one thing you can successfully outsource to professionals. Then there’s time to mindfully declutter, something you alone can tackle.



Perfect Cleaning MF

Connoisseurs in Cleaning: Perfect Cleaning MF

Let’s be honest, sometimes our busy day-to-day activities get in the way of keeping the house clean.


Perfect Cleaning MF


However, Perfect Cleaning MF is here to take the stress out of housekeeping by keeping your home, flat or office spick and span on a regular basis. Based in Riccarton since 2015, Perfect Cleaning MF is New Zealand owned and operated and managed by Miriam Faria. The company specialises in a range of cleaning services which has earned it a sterling reputation for professionalism and reliability. These services include domestic house cleaning, office cleaning and even keeping your windows sparkling. The company is also happy to give your oven a thorough once over, returning it to its former glory.


Perfect Cleaning MF

Countless satisfied customers and businesses have chosen Perfect Cleaning MF as their preferred cleaning specialists as the company goes above and beyond what is required to give your place the best clean possible.


For more information, visit To get a quote or book a comprehensive clean of your abode, email or call Miriam directly on 021 143 5563.


Perfect Cleaning

Spick, Span & Sparkling! – Perfect Cleaning

When Miriam Faria of Perfect Cleaning speaks about her business, what comes across most clearly is the pride in her voice, along with a clear and assured confidence in the service she provides to her clients.

Perfect Cleaning

We are not about having loads of clients and giving a half-done job as a result. Our priority is quality, quality, quality! The most important thing for us is to have happy clients; that is what makes a business thrive and succeed.”
Miriam and her wonder team of wizard cleaners not only work their magic in houses and offices, but they also offer end-of-tenancy cleaning, plus rug and carpet cleaning. “What I want is for people to return to their homes after a hard day at work and smile; I want them to return to a house that is as fresh, sparkling clean and as beautiful to be in as my own house.”
And just when you think it couldn’t get any better, Miriam has yet another Wonder Woman service to reveal. “Did I mention I also do ironing?”
Oh, the bliss, Miriam – the sheer bliss! A spotless house that positively dazzles and a wardrobe of perfectly pressed blouses, skirts and shirts – what more could we ask? Perhaps…would you marry me, Miriam?

For more information, phone Miriam on 021 143 5563, email or visit


Call in the cleaning pros: tops tips to choosing a professional cleaning firm

‘Let your fingers do the walking’ was once the catchcry of calling in the professionals and, although our fingers are now doing the walking in a directory of the digital kind, the premise behind this concept remains true. Sometimes the professionals really are the way to go.


Methamphetamine, animal waste, insect infestations, mould, industrial accidents, contaminated batts, crime scenes, death and odour are all scenarios where your home and health can benefit from the safety and security of a professional eye.
At its simplest, a professional cleaning firm is highly experienced, with the products and techniques to tackle any manner of mess. While at face value, this provides a tidy space for you to get on with life, at a deeper level it gives the safety that comes from professionally removing germs and pathogens that risk your health.
Cleaning is, after all, not always a one size fits all affair and turning a professional hand over to this job can ensure your service is customised to your needs and it can be as simple or as thorough as you choose.
Although the state of cleanliness can be somewhat subjective, varying at least in some degree from person to person, what’s more objective are the sanitation practices and procedures that a professional cleaner adheres to, in order to keep your space germ free.
After all, they make it their business to keep your business clean.

Sunshine Cleaners

Putting the shine in sunshine: Sunshine Cleaners want to make your space yours again

You don’t often think of the qualities of compassion, empathy and confidentiality as being prerequisites for cleaning companies working in houses, offices and retail outlets.

Sunshine Cleaners

But these are essential attributes for the team at Sunshine Cleaners because this company works in the highly specialised fields of forensic cleaning and confidential cleaning of any type.
The term forensic cleaning covers a range of services, from crime scene cleanup, meth decontamination and odour remediation, to blood, bodily fluid and suicide clean-up. “Sometimes forensic cleaning follows traumatic events,” says Sunshine Cleaners founder Thea. “Clients may be very upset in these difficult situations and our approach combines professionalism and integrity with sensitivity, empathy and respect.”
Sunshine Cleaners is a family-owned and operated company and the close-knit team is pedantic about high standards of cleanliness. “We never know what we are going to encounter. No two jobs are ever the same. We might be dealing with a freezer full of rotten food that has been left off for a long time, contaminated ceiling insulation, a methamphetamine decontamination, or we might be cleaning up a rental property.”
Rental property owners Leonie and Peter Austin had just such a job carried out by Sunshine Cleaners. “They did a fantastic job cleaning the house from top to bottom, even getting marks out of a set of curtains we thought we would have to replace due to being so badly stained,” they said.
“A very professional job in a short space of time – we couldn’t be happier.”
Contact Thea on 027 232 3193, email or visit Sunshine Cleaners can clean anything anywhere in the South Island.

Cleaners Warehouse

A clever cleaning collection: RCS Cleaners Warehouse is your one stop shop for residential and commercial cleaning supplies

The new purpose-built warehouse at 12C Symes Road Wigram that showcases RCS Cleaners Warehouse products is a must visit for both residential and commercial customers. This is a family business that manufactures its own chemicals, such as the number one seller Citrus Shower Shock.

Cleaners Warehouse

“We also make Odourgone, Window Cleaner and Transclean – a commercial grade vehicle wash,” RCS Cleaners Warehouse Director Peter Sidey says.
“We have a wide range of products to suit both residential and commercial applications.”
The industrial chemical division is the South Island’s major supplier of chemicals into a wide variety of industries from engine reconditioning to fishing, vehicle workshops and the transport sector, suppling everything from toilet paper to truck wash. The commercial division specialises in the hospitality and education sectors, as well as catering for motels, hotels and day cares. “We are proud to make our own New Zealand made products and continue to expand our range.”
Living out of Christchurch is no hindrance, with online purchasing available for products, including the award-winning range of MYTEE® Microfibre chemical free cleaning cloths and mops, brushes, brooms, mops and buckets, cleansers, window cleaning supplies, vacuums, commercial and domestic vacuum accessories.
Giving back is important to the company, which nurtures future generations through community projects. RCS Cleaners Warehouse supports grassroot sports in Canterbury and provided care packages for North Canterbury farmers during the drought. The friendly staff know the products and can provide guidance and problem-solving capabilities. Visit