Clean environments enrich productivity: Dirty Dozen Cleaning

We all know that a clean and tidy environment is essential to human well-being. Grime and clutter impede progress, while ordered surroundings not only please the eye, but help us to think and function so much better. Dirty Dozen Cleaning Services is a locally owned and operated business. Its reputation as being a leading cleaning […]

The Dreaded Clean-Up

The Dreaded Clean-Up

I’m lucky if you’re still reading. Mention ‘cleaning’ and it’s time to turn the page, right? Exactly. That’s why this issue needs a New-Year resolution devoted to it.     There are things in life we’d rather not deal with, and household tasks beg to top the list. That, and picking up canine poo. It […]

Perfect Cleaning MF

Connoisseurs in Cleaning: Perfect Cleaning MF

Let’s be honest, sometimes our busy day-to-day activities get in the way of keeping the house clean.     However, Perfect Cleaning MF is here to take the stress out of housekeeping by keeping your home, flat or office spick and span on a regular basis. Based in Riccarton since 2015, Perfect Cleaning MF is […]

Perfect Cleaning

Spick, Span & Sparkling! – Perfect Cleaning

When Miriam Faria of Perfect Cleaning speaks about her business, what comes across most clearly is the pride in her voice, along with a clear and assured confidence in the service she provides to her clients. We are not about having loads of clients and giving a half-done job as a result. Our priority is […]


Call in the cleaning pros: tops tips to choosing a professional cleaning firm

‘Let your fingers do the walking’ was once the catchcry of calling in the professionals and, although our fingers are now doing the walking in a directory of the digital kind, the premise behind this concept remains true. Sometimes the professionals really are the way to go. Methamphetamine, animal waste, insect infestations, mould, industrial accidents, […]

Sunshine Cleaners

Putting the shine in sunshine: Sunshine Cleaners want to make your space yours again

You don’t often think of the qualities of compassion, empathy and confidentiality as being prerequisites for cleaning companies working in houses, offices and retail outlets. But these are essential attributes for the team at Sunshine Cleaners because this company works in the highly specialised fields of forensic cleaning and confidential cleaning of any type. The […]

Cleaners Warehouse

A clever cleaning collection: RCS Cleaners Warehouse is your one stop shop for residential and commercial cleaning supplies

The new purpose-built warehouse at 12C Symes Road Wigram that showcases RCS Cleaners Warehouse products is a must visit for both residential and commercial customers. This is a family business that manufactures its own chemicals, such as the number one seller Citrus Shower Shock. “We also make Odourgone, Window Cleaner and Transclean – a commercial […]