The Dreaded Clean-Up

The Dreaded Clean-Up

I’m lucky if you’re still reading. Mention ‘cleaning’ and it’s time to turn the page, right? Exactly. That’s why this issue needs a New-Year resolution devoted to it.


The Dreaded Clean-Up


There are things in life we’d rather not deal with, and household tasks beg to top the list. That, and picking up canine poo. It may be our colonial roots… our ability and willingness to roll up our sleeves, or there could be slight embarrassment or distaste about paying someone else to deal with personally created mess. Whatever the reason, it’s probably time to get over it.

Stay with homeowners who use cleaners and it’s a strangely freeing feeling. Ok, you’re not about to make huge domestic chaos for the sake of it, but it’s nice knowing the way you live won’t be overly scrutinised by your hosts. As January has for time immemorial been the month of analysis and goal-setting, how about deciding to institute an annual (or even quarterly) commercial clean? Also – family and friends might have stayed over during summer, so there’s likely already been extra bed-changing workload.

This is something that will de-stress lingering dirt-lurking issues caused by festivities and holiday abandon. Dang; just finding the camping gear in totality is enough to unearth plenty of housekeeping opportunities at mine!
So when the to-do list is overwhelming, cleaning is one thing you can successfully outsource to professionals. Then there’s time to mindfully declutter, something you alone can tackle.



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