Cathedral Grammar: Meet the Principal

From our Pre-School through to our Year 8 students, at The Cathedral Grammar School our vision is to nurture, to know and to grow every child every day in a meaningful and future-focussed manner which supports, develops and grows their hearts as well as their minds.     As we celebrate our 140th year of […]

In tune with change

It has been a remarkable year for many reasons. And not least for a dozen girls at The Cathedral Grammar School who make up the Girl Choristers, the first group of its kind in the school’s 139-year history. Metropol finds out more about the trailblazing initiative.     Equality sounded very harmonious recently, when 12 […]

The Influencers: Scott Thelning

In challenging times it is often the things that bring us a sense of comfort, stability and normality that we fall back to support and guide us through the ups and downs. For me it was getting back into my early morning gym routine, on my bike in the Port Hills, and supporting my kids […]

Meet the Principal: Cathedral Grammar

‘Every child. Every day.’ This simple yet powerful statement is the esence of my educational philosophy. It seems so obvious, yet in a school setting, can get lost in the pursuit of greatness, narrow measures of success and the desires of adults. At The Cathedral Grammar School your child is truly at the heart of […]

The Influencers: Scott Thelning

  Foresight and fortitude – sowing the seeds of hard work and reaping the fruits of success. COVID-19 has created, once again, challenging times for our city, and this brings with it a mix of emotions. For me, I am grateful for the foresight held by a team of governors whom some years ago set […]

The forefront of education: Cathedral Grammar School

The Cathedral Grammar Girls’ School celebrates 25 years     One of the distinguishing threads of The Cathedral Grammar School story is how it has honoured the legacy and contributions of past generations whilst confidently being at the forefront of educational innovation and change. They are fortunate to have had the opportunity to nurture, know […]

Shaping child development and early learning: The Cathedral Grammar Pre-School

The Cathedral Grammar Pre-School is an inner-city, family-orientated, community-based education centre for boys and girls, located in the grounds of The Cathedral Grammar School’s central city campus.     Head of Pre-School Lyndell Turner leads a team of caring early childhood teachers who possess a deep understanding of how young children learn. “Teachers are responsive […]

Scott Thelning: The Influencers

The new face of Christchurch city has prompted many of us to look at the CBD afresh and appreciate all it now has to offer.   I’m certainly aware that my own family and I spend much more time in the city on the weekends than previously to take advantage of the rapidly improving facilities […]