She sheds of sanctuary: Resene

Enter the She Shed: A space for women to immerse themselves in activities that bring them joy. While the word shed may suggest a shabby chic sort of space – there is no limit to how luxurious or humble your hideaway can be.

Styling Annick Larkin | Photography Melanie Jenkins

In this She Shed a statement floor in Resene Half Villa White with stripes in Resene Thunder Road, Resene Jailbreak, Resene Memory Lane, Resene Unwind and Resene Rococo sets the stage for a creative crafter.

Pops of colour, a mix of patterns and a hint of glitter add to the relaxed vibe of a laidback and leisurely hobby space. The timber pegboard is painted Resene Half Villa White so that it blends in with walls of the same, while the shelves and pegs are in Resene Noir to contrast sharply.

The surrounding hand-painted faux frame is a fun and quirky idea for bringing attention to elements in a space.

Likewise, colour coding can help identify where different types of tools and craft provisions can be found.

Paint storage boxes in an inspiring spectrum of colours using Resene FX Chalkboard Paint or Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen.

These finishes work as a chalkboard, so they can be written on with chalk and wiped clean with a damp cloth.

Mood board: Background in Resene Half Villa White with stripes (from top to bottom) in Resene Jailbreak, Resene Unwind, Resene Memory Lane and Resene Rococo and A4 drawdown paint swatches in (from front to back) Resene FX Rose Gold, Resene Unwind, Resene Jailbreak, Resene Memory Lane, Resene Rococo, Resene Thunder Road and Resene Rice Cake. The large mason jar is painted Resene Irresistible, small mason jar in Resene Ethereal and box is in Resene Noir with Resene Rice Cake polka dots.

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