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Now taking its rightful place in the global spotlight as a ‘cannonball of goodness’, the humble blackcurrant was once known mainly for its high vitamin C values and as the basis of the free wartime children’s drink, Ribena. Turns out, vitamin C was only a small part of blackcurrants’ superpowers.

After extensive clinical research blackcurrants, and more specifically New Zealand blackcurrants, have been found to contain a key nutrient vital to brain and whole body health – enhancing cell growth and slowing age-related cognitive decline.

The nutrient is a neuropeptide called cyclic Glycine-Proline (cGP).

When available to the body in high enough quantities, cGP regulates the availability of an essential hormone called Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1).

With New Zealand’s proud tradition of biotech innovation, Associate Professor Jian Guan of Auckland University discovered cGP in the early 90s.

Research shows our levels of cGP decline as we age.

If cGP is in short supply, then IGF-1 cannot function sufficiently, and neuro-degenerative illnesses are more likely to occur and be severe.

Sufferers of Parkinson’s disorders and stroke have been observed to have low levels of cGP.

Administering cGP to stroke patients within 12 to 48 hours after a stroke greatly reduces brain damage and speeds up recovery.

Our bodies’ need for cGP is beyond dispute, with benefits for all ages, from babies in utero, to infants, children and adults.

Anecdotal evidence from large numbers of people suggests cGP improves not just neuro degenerative disorders, but symptoms of Angelman’s, Autism and ADHD. In a published paper on Rett Syndrome, administration of natural cGP showed significant and ongoing body and cognitive function improvements.

North Canterbury’s own Vitality NZ has captured cGP from blackcurrants in capsule form and, for obvious reasons, named it Brain Shield™.

Director David Eder is one of the most long-standing growers of blackcurrants in New Zealand, while Managing Director Jim Grierson, an agronomist with 38 years in the blackcurrant industry, knew there was something special about the health benefits of NZ blackcurrants.

“We know what goes into Brain Shield and it is in a very natural form,” Jim says.

The blackcurrants are grown, processed and made into the capsules here in Canterbury.

“Brian Shield delivers an average daily dose of cGP via your brain signalling pathways and whole of body function. New Zealand blackcurrants are truly a superfruit when you understand the benefits you get from them,” David says.

Brain Shield is the only product in the world marketed with cGP under a full Novel Patent.

“There is no pharmaceutical equivalent or alternative, it is unique to the blackcurrant species,” Jim says.

“Each capsule delivers an average daily dose and it is very safe – you cannot overdose,” David adds.

Vitality NZ has five further products in their health and wellnes product range – Active, Digestive, Eye, Omega, and Women’s Health.


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