Eating for immunity

Great Greek Philosopher Hippocrates once said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”.   Science has found the proof is in the pudding and many of our tastiest foods are also immunity boosters, that are both affordable and versatile to boot. A healthy habit is to have these superheroes as pantry staples. […]

Add natural vitality to your family’s health

Now taking its rightful place in the global spotlight as a ‘cannonball of goodness’, the humble blackcurrant was once known mainly for its high vitamin C values and as the basis of the free wartime children’s drink, Ribena. Turns out, vitamin C was only a small part of blackcurrants’ superpowers. After extensive clinical research blackcurrants, […]

The Little Bone Broth Company

Good to the bone: The Little Bone Broth Company

Catherine and Alex are the owners of The Little Bone Broth Company, which came to commercial fruition at the beginning of March. While they both have a passion for fitness and wellbeing (and bone broth it seems…!), Alex is a kick-ass cook with a passion for making food taste good naturally. This clever company hand […]

Drinkable Soups

Drinkable soups: the culinary craze that is perfect for Autumn

When someone suggests wrapping your laughing gear around the newest culinary powerhouse ‘drinkable soup’ you’d be well within your rights to look at them like they’re a little bit bonkers for stating the obvious. The concept of drinkable soup seems pretty standard, right? Wrong. Drinkable soup is flipping the status quo on its head. The […]