The Little Bone Broth Company

Good to the bone: The Little Bone Broth Company

Catherine and Alex are the owners of The Little Bone Broth Company, which came to commercial fruition at the beginning of March.

The Little Bone Broth Company
Photo courtesy of: Sally Anne Photography

While they both have a passion for fitness and wellbeing (and bone broth it seems…!), Alex is a kick-ass cook with a passion for making food taste good naturally.
This clever company hand makes and sells a range of collagen and nutrient-rich bone broth. Current flavors include the ever-popular Chicken and Beef Broths, the specialty Pork Broth and the weekly changing Seasonal Vege Broth, (vegetarian/vegan). All the ingredients are sourced from within a kilometer of Cat and Alex’s Richmond home, and they only produce a small amount each week in order to keep the product 100 percent, true to its original recipe, taste and quality.
The broth cooks slowly for up to three days, allowing all the goodness to come out of the bones and veges. Seasoned to taste using pink Himalayan salt, it’s sold in glass jars at the Christchurch Farmers Markets and, to encourage reuse of the jars, Cat and Alex offer a discount on their customers’ next purchase.
The benefits of bone broth include immune system support, improved gut health, stress and anxiety relief; it’s a baby superfood, brain food for kids, supports fertility and pregnancy health and it’s an anti-aging beauty tonic. Alex pours his heart and soul into each batch he makes, and is blown away each week at the market when people try a hot sample and tell him they think it’s amazing!