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A capacity for complexity: G I Builders

When it comes to building, experience counts. So does a deep understanding of construction processes and what it takes to complete large projects on time and to the satisfaction of clients. G I Builders Ltd, run by Grant and Kelly Irving along with Quantity Surveyor Mark Shaw, has proven over the years since being established in 2008 that it has the capacity and expertise to handle complex residential builds – notably multi-unit projects.

G I Builders

These can be challenging jobs,” Grant says. “Many builders simply shy away from them because they present too many complications. We, on the other hand, thrive on resolving complications. We’ve definitely dealt with plenty of them in post-earthquake Christchurch with renovations, repairs, cash settlements, rebuilds and new builds.”
G I Builders’ tight team is small enough to care, but big enough to deliver. And deliver it does. Several recent multi-unit projects are testament to that fact. Take the four very attractive two-storey conjoined townhouses now gracing Madras Street. With mono pitch roofs and clad in Rockcote and linear weather board, these architecturally-designed units, each with three bedrooms, took nine months to complete.
“We find these types of projects really good to manage. They certainly require more resources – more of everything really – but we’re not overwhelmed by the size or by the timeframes that need to be adhered to.”
In Andover Street, G I Builders took immense satisfaction in completing another similar project. “Because you are dealing with a number of different homeowners in these builds, communication and maintaining a constant flow of information is vital. The owners may come from different backgrounds and have varying levels of understanding of building processes. This necessitates a very personal approach.”
Grant explains that multi-unit dwellings should not look different from the outside in terms of colours for walls and roofing. “To deal with this situation we meet with all the clients, show them alternatives and work with them to reach a common agreement. The interiors of the units can of course be customised to suit individual tastes for colours and textures.”

G I Builders
A slightly different multi-unit build on Browns Road required ground remediation before the foundations could be laid. “We liaised with both structural and geotechnical engineers on this two-unit project. Since the earthquakes we have become pretty specialised in various foundation systems. Of our three recent multi-unit builds each one has had a different type of foundation.”
The team at G I Builders say the company’s strength lies in the staff’s experience and ability to combine expertise to brainstorm over any issues that may arise. “We have a ‘can-do’ attitude and don’t give up if things seem too hard. The last seven years have taught us a great deal and we have all that skill and knowledge to bring to our work.”
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