Time to tackle home projects: WD Build x Hardy Projects

As you head into the business end of summer, your home projects for 2021 might be on your mind. And if that includes EQC repairs, home renovations, extensions, or even a new build, then WD Build and Hardy Projects are your go-to companies for a successful and productive year.



Directors Mitchell James and Paul Hardy, have been at the forefront of the EQC programme since its inception.

They help owners with the process from the paperwork at the very beginning, to handing over beautifully finished homes at the completion of the project.

Whether you are contemplating a project that brings an ‘as is where is’ home back to life, or whether your repairs fall more into the cosmetic line, Mitchell and Paul are happy to help.

“If you have lodged a claim with EQC, ensuring you have a team of people able to assist you with aspects of your application is important. You need to be comfortable with the experts that you engage, such as structural and geotechnical engineers, builders and architects. WD Build and Hardy Projects can really help you if you are in this space.

They can assist with:
• Assessing the earthquake damage to your property, propose an appropriate repair strategy and provide a quote to complete those repairs.
• Leading the repair work on your property.
• Engaging and managing any necessary specialists or sub-contractors (such as engineers, electricians and plumbers).
• Signing off on the completed work.

So, if you’re a homeowner who has registered with EQC and now need to engage a contactor to get things moving along, Paul says: “Just pick up the phone and talk to us about an initial free assessment of your home and we’ll make a plan from there.”


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