The masters of massage: Beauty Progress

“Your body is your temple; it’s your home and you must decorate it,” said Gabourey Sidibe. A temple to self-ease and beauty itself, Beauty Progress Thai Massage and Spa is the place to visit to ensure the body your soul calls home is relaxed, toned and free from muscular aches and pains.



Massage is their specialty and there is an extensive menu of massage types to leave you feeling wonderful. Along with Sports Massage and Swedish Massage, there is Traditional Thai, Herbal Thai, Therapeutic Thai, Aromatherapy Thai and Four Hands Thai, all available as full body or specific body area options. Owner and Therapist Wendy Barker can talk you through the options and advise on the massage style that would be most beneficial.

Authenticity defines your experience when you visit Beauty Progress for your Thai massage, because specialist masseurs Anne and Orn are Thailand born and trained. Anne herself became an expert in Thai massage after discovering its therapeutic effects when she felt sore and movement was impaired. “I had a Thai massage and I discovered how incredibly effective it is and that was that,” she says. “I had to learn how to do it.”

Orn says getting massages regularly makes a huge difference to your comfort and movement, and both Anne and Orn ensure they receive regular massages themselves. “It strengthens your body and it really revives you when you are tired,” Orn says.

Training for five years in Thailand, Anne and Orn have called Christchurch home for eleven years now, but they travel back to Thailand regularly to learn about the latest developments in massage. A combined approach to massage styles is available and customers love to mix traditional Thai massage with sports massage.

“A great massage can leave you feeling so great – it can become addictive and we have customers who never go a week without a massage,” Anne says. “We can improve aches and pains anywhere on the body and it’s really helpful if customers are specific about the areas that need improvement,” Orn says.

At Beauty Progress, the full range of facials, body treatments and spa packages are available. “They combine so well with massage as a gift to yourself or someone special,” Wendy says. Discover more at


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