Leftover heroes

The day is done, and your culinary skills might start to feel depleted – while your fridge is probably anything but. Don’t let those delicious leftovers go to waste by creating new and exciting meals with less effort and less trips back to the post-public holiday supermarket. Here are Metropol’s ideas for making the most […]

Salad Season

‘tis the season of backyard barbecues and beachside picnics. We’ve pulled together summer’s hottest selection of seasonal salads to make eating well, easy!     RAW BROCCOLI & SMOKED SALMON Packed with all the goodies – including fibre, protein, iron and a bunch of B vitamins – raw broccoli makes the perfect salad. Pair it […]

Hello, asparagus season!

Earthy and bitter asparagus is back. In season from September, asparagus is a vibrant and welcome addition to any meal, adding its fresh crunch to salads, balancing the richness of pastas and quiches, and even being the hero of simple, healthy snacks.   SNAPPY SALAD: Combine even more seasonal produce in the forms of snow […]

Chickpea Caprese Salad with spinach walnut pesto

A simple 10-minute starter which you could double up for a big sharing plate. Make sure all the ingredients (especially the mozzarella) are at room temperature – I’ve eaten far too many fridge-cold tomatoes and cheeses that don’t taste of anything. Use any nuts, seeds or greens in this, but don’t skip toasting the walnuts […]