Leftover heroes

The day is done, and your culinary skills might start to feel depleted – while your fridge is probably anything but. Don’t let those delicious leftovers go to waste by creating new and exciting meals with less effort and less trips back to the post-public holiday supermarket. Here are Metropol’s ideas for making the most of your holiday leftovers.



Pie in the sky

Transform that leftover ham and or turkey into a delicious pastry delight. Incorporate peas and eggs for a twist on your favourite bacon and egg number, or incorporate a white sauce for something more cheesy.

Festive platitudes

Cold meats are right at home on a post-Christmas charcuterie, so just slice and place on a platter with any leftover fresh veges, breads, dips and cheeses and let the Boxing Day grazing begin! If the leftover veges aren’t so fresh, give them a quick grill.

Salad stories

When it comes down to it, a salad is really just anything tossed together in a bowl. So let your creativity takeover by combining your leftover roast veges with some fresh greens, nuts, pulses and herbs. Add fruit for fresh appeal, and drizzle with oil or citrus juice for an easy dressing.


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