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Granting your repairs: Precision Solutions

If you are the owner of an on-sold over-cap Canterbury property you have been given a few more weeks – until October 14, 2020 – to register your interest in applying for an ex-gratia payment to cover any necessary earthquake damage repairs.


“The deadline was originally August 14, 2020,” says Charles Porter, Contracts Manager for house re-levelling company Precision Solutions.

“But there are so many instances of houses requiring re-repairing post the earthquakes that the deadline has been extended,” he says.

Precision Solutions is therefore urging homeowners to have their properties assessed right now, including floor level and foundation issues in which the company specialises.

“Thousands of homes have been bought and sold in Christchurch since 2011. Many people are simply unaware they may have problems until they try to sell and are forced to get a builder’s report which will then show up any issues,” says Charlie.

“If you miss this extended time period to make a claim you could personally be paying out tens of thousands of dollars for repairs.”

Charlie says the team at Precision Solutions offers a free initial site inspection within the Christchurch area to assess and identify any issues.

If there is a problem, they can help homeowners navigate what they need to do with EQC and subsequently carry out the remedial work.

Don’t delay any longer. Make the precision decision.

Call 0800 775 3835 for your free level and foundation assessment.


The foundations of a good home

Your home is your castle, but it’s a faulty fortress if the foundations are not solid. Precision Solutions is the expert in levelling every type and age of home, on every foundation. Offering a free assessment of your home, the Precision Solutions team then collaborates with a select team of builders and project manages all the way from paperwork, to a levelled, repaired and finished home.



“This is exactly the moment to give us a call to get your earthquake repairs completed once and for all,” Contracts Manager Charles Porter says.

In August last year, the government announced a $300m policy for homeowners of over-cap on-sold properties in Canterbury to apply for an ex gratia government payment to have their homes repaired.

You can also apply for the payment if you still own your home but believe the repairs done post-earthquakes were not satisfactory, or overlooked leveling.

Details and registration are available at, but you must register by 12 August, 2020.

Managing the paperwork with EQC can form a significant part of the project and Charles will work with you on this every step of the way. Working remotely is no problem.

“We’ve releveled a home in Beatty Street for an owner based in Australia and another in Switzerland.”

The team relevels around 40 homes per year.

“We love what we do – building relationships with clients. It is great to be able to help someone who might have been really struggling to get where they need to be.

“We feel a real satisfaction looking at the finished project knowing that our client can now move on with their life.”


Final call for repair coverage: Precision Solutions

Following the 15 August Government policy announcement that owners of on-sold over-cap Canterbury properties can apply for an ex-gratia payment to cover repairs, Precision Solutions is urging locals to have their properties assessed.




The policy gives homeowners 12 months (no later than 14 August 2020) to register their interest.

House relevelling company, Precision Solutions, says the time to check levels and foundation issues is now. Contracts manager Charles Porter estimates there may be “thousands of people out there who don’t know they have problems”.

“It’s only for a year, and if you think of how many homes have been bought and sold in Christchurch since 2011… There are pockets in Christchurch that sustained more damage than people realise, and I’m not talking about the east side, that’s pretty obvious. I’m talking about everywhere, including Papanui, Casebrook and Cashmere, where people have purchased houses which have settlement issues and earthquake damage that they are not aware of. When they try to sell, they may be forced to get a builder’s report which will then show up any issues. If you miss this time period to make a claim you could be out tens of thousands of dollars.”

The team offers a free initial site visit within the Christchurch area that provides assessment to identify issues and help navigate the remedial path. They work alongside engineers and industry professionals to provide the homeowner with a complete package to repair their homes properly.

“We do a floor level survey free of charge. This helps us identify any foundation settlement and potential earthquake damage. If there is a problem we can help them go through the process. We can help them navigate what they need to do with EQC, which is actually pretty straightforward. We provide a copy of the floor level survey which they can make a remedial claim with.”

Precision Solutions offers house relevelling, building and renovation work and a project management service.

“If you think you have issues, do something about it now before it’s too late when the year’s up,” urges Charles. “I would suggest 90 percent of the calls I get result in finding damage to the house that needs rectifying.

“Our assessment and quote is obligation and cost-free. We can also work with homeowners to help project-manage the entire repair.”




Precision Solutions

Re-levelling & Rectifying: Precision Solutions

Canterbury-owned and operated house re-levelling company, Precision Solutions, provides a first-class service to home owners and building companies throughout the South Island.


Precision Solutions


Working across Canterbury, Kaikoura and Blenheim, the team provides a fast and efficient service that exceeds expectations. Contracts Manager Charles Porter says customers regularly compliment them on their workmanship and overall service. “It’s really great, especially for the guys on the ground doing the hard yards.”

Over the last few years, Precision Solutions has helped hundreds of homeowners navigate the many complex issues around identification and remediation of often unidentified foundation issues following the Canterbury earthquake sequence.
“Many home owners believe they’ve had good quality and complaint repairs made to their foundations and subfloor, only to find issues later on which can adversely affect the value of the home,” Charles says.

“A key benefit for homeowners is our free initial site visit within the Christchurch area, and our assessment to identify issues to help you navigate the remedial path with EQC or your insurer. We also have access to good engineers and other industry-related professionals to provide the homeowner with a complete package to repair their homes properly.”

They provide clear explanations, discuss the process with the home owner, and quotes are fair and transparent. “Whether you own an “as is” property, have been paid out, or think you have issues, give us a call,” Charles says.
“Our assessment and quote is obligation and cost-free. We also work with homeowners to help project manage the entire repair.”


Precision Solutions

Precision Re-Levelling: Precision Solutions

Locally owned company Precision Solutions works closely with the homeowner to help navigate their EQC journey and provide exceptional project management throughout the repair process.

Precision Solutions

Whether you require remedial work on an earthquake-damaged building or have purchased an ‘as is where is’ home, the expert team specialises in house re-levelling, foundation and pile repair. “We also carry out remedial work on non-compliant EQC repairs,” says Precision Solutions Contracts Manager, Charles Porter. “We take a lot of care to provide the home owner with solid engineering and builders quotes via their quantity surveyors to give our clients a full repair scope, and we’ve helped many get a satisfactory outcome from their insurers.”

The friendly and professional team has extensive industry experience and a strong understanding of the Christchurch and wider Canterbury rebuild landscapes. The company developed its own unique solution as a result of the Canterbury earthquakes, to raise, re-level and repair your home to millimetre accuracy.
Engineering and consents are also taken care of, to ensure your property meets the requirements for continued insurance and reinsurance. “Having a medium sized crew of very capable guys has allowed us to keep our standards extremely high. We treat your home as if it were our own, going above and beyond throughout the process.”

Those putting their home on the market or who have concerns about their home’s foundation could benefit from a free assessment. Some of the signs to look out for in your own home include cracking in external foundation walls and a ‘hogging’ or sagging floor. “Many people don’t realise their home has issues until they prepare to sell and get a builder’s report – so it pays to get it professionally checked.”
An assessment by the Precision Solutions team consists of a visual site inspection and floor level survey, providing an obligation-free estimate to re-level and repair the foundation and floors.

Visit for more information, phone 0800 775 3835 or email and follow Precision Solutions on Facebook.

Precision Solutions

A precise relevelling project: How Precision Solutions got Jim and Linda back in their home with minimal fuss

When Linda Horan and Jim Mitchell moved to their new home in Woolston in 2004, they intended to stay there for life. It was shiny and new, and closer to work and family.

Like so many however, they experienced significant disruption in the earthquakes and thus began a long process to find resolution. They considered several options but wanted to stay in Woolston. The house had sunk 100mm and suffered serious cracks in the foundation slab. They had plans drawn up for a rebuild.
Then they contacted Precision Solutions, a foundation and floor relevelling specialist which had done some work for Linda’s niece, who had been thoroughly impressed. Precision Solutions put together a plan to repair Jim and Linda’s house, simpler, less expensive and quicker than the proposed rebuild. The plan was to lift the house back to where it should be. Simple.
“Fundamentally,” says Precision Solutions Contract Manager, Charles Porter, “It’s quite a simple process. Physically however, it’s a bit more complicated.”
The whole lifting and relevelling process took three weeks. Most of the time was spent in preparation, clearing the house, digging underpinning holes and pouring lifting pads. The house was then lifted and levelled, millimetres at a time.
After some other renovations, Jim and Linda were back in their home after only 12 weeks. “We’re so happy with it,” Linda says. “Precision’s people were very thorough. They worked every day. They were never late and, what they said they’d do, they did. Sometimes they stayed late to finish what they were doing. We were very impressed with their attitude, and their price was $18,000 cheaper than another reputable competitor.”