Going grey with gusto!

  Exciting times are ahead for one of Canterbury’s well-loved television personalities, Petra Bagust.   Canterbury holds a special place in her heart. Petra attended the University of Canterbury, where she completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1995. “I will be forever connected to Christchurch, because lots of my favourite humans live here, and […]

The power of positivity

Sometimes all it takes is a friendly prod to get those projects started that, for some reason, we haven’t quite got around to. Christchurch author and, now, podcaster Rebecca Simons had just such a friend, and thanks to her, Rebecca stopped procrastinating.   “My friend kept reminding me I had the knowledge, expertise and skills […]

Podcast supports small business

In New Zealand, small businesses are a big deal. There is, after all, more than 500,000 of them.     There’s a new podcast on the entrepreneurial block that has been designed to support and inspire local small business owners. ‘Kiwis in Business’ is a melting pot of informal, yet informative interviews by Public Relations […]