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Canterbury’s Bridget Hope is behind beloved boutique Magpie Style, and her Cup Day look inspired our cover. She chats with Metropol about all things style.



Magpie Style stylist and model, Marga Bastings, wearing hat by Seventh & Fig, outfit by Paula Ryan. Wardrobe Director, Bridget Hope in Neil Grigg hat and Trelise Cooper dress.

You looked incredible! Describe your raceday outfit – from hat to toe – and what inspired the look?
Thank you! Cup Week is such a wonderful opportunity to dress up, and this year was no exception! Dame Trelise Cooper made me my dress, and we were so happy with the results its been added to the Trelise Cooper holiday collection in two colours, which we will be selling in-store and online. My hat was designed by Sydney milliner, Neil Grigg, to match the dress.

You not only looked phenomenal at Cup Day, but you were a judge for the fashion competition at the New Zealand Cup Meeting on Saturday. In your opinion, what makes a winning race day outfit?
One word – effort. It’s about that perfect recipe of dress or separates, hats and accessories. I always admire the time, energy and often, money, people put into their race day fashion to achieve a polished look.

What trends or new looks did you see coming through this year, and why did those stand out for you?
Every year hats are getting bolder and bigger: Fascinators are now taking a back seat and almost look wimpy compared to the large hats and highly decorated headbands. I thought Covid-19 may see a quietening of race day fashion, but I think the reverse happened – everyone went all out!

When you’re not turning heads at the track, you’re running a fashion empire. Tell us about your business and your exciting new Rangiora store.
We run three businesses from our new location in High Street, Rangiora; Magpie Style fashion boutique, and I am so happy to be in Rangiora, it has been wonderful working from a smaller town, and the people are so welcoming.

How would you describe your personal style?
My personal style is all about prints, I often complain that my own wardrobe has so much action and not enough quiet! I am a total magpie in that I love anything sparkly, bright and printed.

We’re at the start line of summer. What are some of the seasonal styles you’re observing, or predicting, we will see for summer 2020/2021?
I continue to be surprised as to how animal print continues its reign every year and this summer is no different, but with cheetah and right through into accessories and scarves as well. I am also seeing a lot of white coming through. A top to toe white look can be so fresh for the festive season.

As we mature, our tastes and personal preferences evolve, too, but there have long been conflicting stereotypes around women dressing “too young” or “too frumpy”. What is your advice for women to help them embrace new stages of life, without losing their style?
The only thing we really need to consider as we age is very short hemlines and cleavage. Other than that, I think women don’t need to be too worried about dressing their age. I have sold some of our most flamboyant looks to women over 70. It’s about having a level of confidence to own it and not apologise. Confidence when it comes to fashion is half the battle. If you have the confidence, I say own it!

What is your go-to style tip for anyone, whether they are already a fashionista or someone looking to evolve their wardrobe?
Buy the dress, but own the look!


Navy Magpie Style

Magpie Style Fashion Editor Louise Heller’s style notes: for the love of navy – falling for hues from the deep

Louise Heller, Fashion Editor – Magpie Style
Louise Heller, Fashion Editor – Magpie Style

Softer on the skin than black, navy is a great go-to choice if you are looking to deviate from an all-black or black-heavy wardrobe.


Try these tips on how to style, what is fast becoming, a colour staple in women’s wardrobes from north to south.

Navy Magpie Style


Freshen up: Navy will provide contrast to an outfit without being too visibly harsh. Pair it easily with softer tones, neutrals and brighter colours. Navy always looks polished with white, whether it’s with separate pieces top and bottom, or a print such as a pin-stripe.

Navy Magpie Style
Paula Ryan
Ricco boots, $590.

A touch of the blues: Navy and denim are a match-made in heaven for chic casual dressing. Accessorise with a navy-blue bag, shoes and jewellery or even nail polish. This is an easy starting point when it comes to adding navy blue accessories into the wardrobe. Navy and denim also work wonders when worn with fabrics in lively prints.

Navy Magpie Style

Outerwear: Navy is effortless, chic and forever timeless. This is a colour that never will date like an inseason colour. Investing in a navy beautiful trench, blazer or coat would never go a miss… especially when teamed with white underneath.

Navy Magpie Style

Black and Blue… Can you? You won’t be shunned from the fashion set, but if you are going to wear navy and black together there are some guidelines with how to do this without looking like a bad school uniform. Wear navy and black together, but in a textural way. Keep similar looking fabrics away from each other and wear faux fur and knitwear, or pleats and plain fabric to visually separate the two tones. When pairing the two tones together, aim to add metal or coloured accessories to break it up.

Navy Magpie Style

In the navy: Going head-to-toe in monotone navy seems scary to begin with, but this is one way to feel elegant, timeless and completely ‘put together’ without trying too hard.
A navy trench paired with a navy pair of jeans, a navy skirt teamed with a navy top makes it undeniably stylish and expensive looking. Break it up with coloured accessories, otherwise go all-out and add in more navy!

First published for Magpie Style

TRELISE COOPER, Leopard coat, $799

Coat tales: what to look for when shopping for a new season coat

Louise Heller, Fashion Editor – Magpie Style
Louise Heller, Fashion Editor – Magpie Style

The hunt for a new winter coat can be an arduous task if you don’t know what you are looking for. The looming winter season brings with it a huge display of styles, colours, textures, prints and lengths to keep your appetite for coats satiated – if not a little confused!
Here’s our hit predictions (peppered with a little advice) on how to cut through the clutter.

Ask yourself, what function do you need your coat to perform?

Let it reflect your personality and most importantly lifestyle. Is it loud and eccentric or tailored and subtle to last year after year? Do you want a coat that’s less function, more high-fashion, or weather-proof and practical? Giving yourself some time to think through this will help focus the mind.

What is its key purpose? Do you want to be able to cover up (read: snuggle up) or wear it as a statement piece with much warmer layers underneath?

Are you looking for a life-time of pleasure or short-term satisfaction?

There’s no hard and fast rule around how many coats you buy in one year, but one idea is to try one style this year and another style the next. Go for natural fibres such as wool, cashmere or goose down for warmth and longevity. If there is one purchase not to scrimp on – it’s a new winter coat. Save your fast-fashion purchases for lower ticket items as the fabric quality is always much reduced. When it comes to fabric, you generally get what you pay for.

So what’s in fashion for winter coats?

Some of the strongest trends coming through for winter are soft hues in baby blues and pinks, camel (did that ever go out of fashion?) and strong animal textured prints like leopard. It’s oversized if you like the man-style look, belted coats featured heavily on runways as did faux fur.

Leopard: Victoria Beckham featured leopard-print belted trenches in her latest collection. Leopard as a print is timeless to a point of being an almost neutral tone.

TRELISE COOPER, Leopard coat, $799
TRELISE COOPER, Leopard coat, $799

Tapestry: Full-length and for the statement lover, tapestry coats are thick with heritage style. Either layer up on accessories for a more subtle look or pair back with denim and muted tones.

Tapestry Coat

The Glam Puffer: The glam puffer is a hot ticket item this winter. As seen on many street style blogs, this can be transitioned from the football field to a dinner out. Belted and worn cinched adds a whole dimension to what would otherwise be a practical-only look.

PAULA RYAN Long Reversible Glam Puffer, $550
PAULA RYAN Long Reversible Glam Puffer, $550

Oversize Me: The oversized and man-style look can be a god-send for those who feel the cold. Unstructured and generally roomy, it will allow you to layer up to your heart’s content while still allowing a little style and your fashion-personality to shine through.

First published for Magpie Style

COOPER Kimono Del Mar, $599

What’s trending for winter: Style Doctor by Bridget Hope of Magpie Style

As the temperature plummets, here’s what’s on the fashion horizon. Hold onto your hats, coats and scarves, for there is something for everyone here. Never has a fashion season been so full of contradiction.

Bridget Hope, Magpie Style Wardrobe Director
Bridget Hope, Magpie Style Wardrobe Director
  • CLEAN LINES: A belted wool trench. A perfectly crisp shirt. The perfect pair of pants. With environmental factors pointing harshly against fast-fashion, expert tailoring and clean lines are seeing a resurgence. The buy-once, buy-better philosophy is on the up-and-up as land-fills rise to house cheap mass-produced clothes. Classic cuts and colours are also following suit in hues guaranteed to stand the test of time. Think grey-marl roll-neck sweaters and belted camel coats in high quality natural fibres. There has never been a more relevant time to think about the longevity of what we wear on our backs.
  • BERRIES, SPICE & ALL THINGS NICE: The new winter hues see rich colour palettes of berry tones and spicy shades – with the colour of mustard reigning supreme. Great news for black lovers everywhere, these new shades pair perfectly with existing monochrome wardrobes. Knitwear comes in the form of rich raspberry reds, deep blueberry tones and dense saffron shades.
  • EMBELLISHED JACKETS: Last year saw a surge of embellishments on jackets and coats which continues throughout winter. Decorated coats and jackets, while lavish, are also more refined in their detailing. Think finer crystals designed in styles featuring cleaner lines. Beaded embroidery continues for evening – only with even more sequins added than in previous years.
  • ART ATTACK: While the political landscape on the global stage feels uneasy at the best of times, high-fashion has become decidedly more playful. Dolce & Gabbana sent models down the runway in a thrashing display of hip-hop princesses and modern Shakespeare muses. Closer to home, Trelise Cooper saw butterflies painted on camouflage jackets and bold “I Got This” slogans painted across long utilitarian coats.
  • KIMONO ME PRETTY: Love them or loathe them, printed and textured kimonos continue their reign through winter and into Spring/Summer. A god-send on fuller arms, a well-placed Kimono can hide a multitude of sins. Worn over a sleek black dress or narrow pants and floaty top – the kimono delivers an air of fashion confidence on even the chilliest winter night. The new season kimonos are adorned with artful prints and velvet cuffs and lapels.
COOPER Kimono Del Mar, $599
COOPER Kimono Del Mar, $599
  • And now for…THE TRENDS TO RETIRE: While these styles have served us well, it’s time to say good-night (for now anyway) to: 1. Over-the-knee suede boots. 2. Bare-shoulder tops. 3. Ironic branded tees. The sun has set for you – quite literally!
    First published for Magpie Style