Bringing history to life

New renders show an architectural and vibrant community hub, as the proposed $9.9million Te Ūaka The Lyttelton Museum launches its rebuild campaign. The Canterbury earthquakes saw its previous home demolished and collections rescued.       Warren & Mahoney has worked closely with the museum and Ngāti Wheke to realise a community hub to actively […]

Tuia 250 heads to Whakaraupō

Local hapū Ngāti Wheke, based at Rāpaki, is hosting the Tuia 250 commemorations in Whakaraupō/Lyttelton Harbour 6-10 December.   This is as far south as the Tuia 250 flotilla will travel, marking 250 years since the first encounters between Māori and Europeans and celebrating the voyaging traditions of Aotearoa. As part of the event, three […]

Reasons to head portside

It may just be over the hill from the city confines, but the portside township of Lyttelton feels like a world away from its urban neighbour, with its own distinct vibe and fiercely passionate locals.     With an incredible mix of eclectic style, chilled vibes and high-end dining, there is much to offer in […]

Lyttelton Timeball Station

A maritime marvel: Lyttelton Timeball Station

“The Building Intelligence Group is delighted to have played a role in the bringing back to life of such a rare piece of maritime history as the iconic Lyttelton Timeball Station and the working timeball itself.”     When Project Director Stephen Threadgall from project management specialist The Building Intelligence Group says how fantastic it […]

Lyttelton’s ‘Re-berth’

Lyttelton’s ‘Re-berth’

Lyttelton is physically just over the hill from Christchurch but the portside town feels like a figurative world away from its urban neighbour. And, despite the fascinating historic story behind this burgeoning township, there is plenty keeping Lyttelton ahead of the game. A wide range of cool boutique shops warrant some perusing time. Head into […]

Black Rock House

Luxury in Lyttelton: Sheppard & Rout’s award nominated Black Rock House is spectacular

Post-earthquake, the scale of home building is a remarkable spectacle, but few homes have captured the soul of our environment quite like Black Rock House. Named for its situation on the Black Rock Headland in Lyttelton Harbour, the house is as secure in its position on the shortlist of the 2018 Canterbury competition of the […]

Dcypher Lyttelton

‘Dcypher-ing’ Lyttelton’s story: murals that speaks for the community

Locals and visitors to Lyttelton’s Oxford Street Reserve have plenty to feast their eyes upon as they take in the stunning and spectacular murals at the revamped skate park and playground. Completed last month, the murals, which took around two weeks of labour intensive painting, are by Los Angeles-based Christchurch artist Dcypher, also known as […]