A little more luxury

A bathroom can be a sanctuary in the home. The place you start and end your days, relaxing in the bath, performing beauty rituals, and winding down. Having a beautiful space makes these moments so much more enjoyable.   Renovating a bathroom is no small task, and a full reno can be expensive and time […]

The Influencers: Lynette McFadden

A new decade and a fresh feel is evident in the Christchurch real estate market as we continue our march into 2020. I love this city, it’s my hometown and I’m excited about our future, our growth, and the variation of design that has started to occur in numerous suburbs and streets. The definitive market […]

Gold Rush

Gold Rush

Gold is adding its illustrious touch to our homewares this season. This magical metallic in its purest golden form will now out-shine recent trends of copper and bronze.     Gold pairs beautifully with silver – a perfect balancing act that is easy on the eye. It doesn’t have to be all matching chrome in […]

Lydia Ko

Driving Ambition: Q&A with Lydia Ko

Sporting star Lydia Ko came swinging into collective consciousness in 2015 when the Korean-born New Zealander became the world’s number one ranked professional woman golfer. At just 17 years of age, she was the youngest player of either gender to be ranked number one in the sport.     Labelled as a transcendent figure in […]

Gold Fashion

Good as gold: Exploring golden fashion

Dress to impress is generally a figurative instructive to describe the art of dressing up. But injecting gold into your wardrobe is one way to pay a more literal homage to this sentiment, with our affections for this illustrious hue.   The golden child of fashion has been putting the Midas touch on our wardrobes […]