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A bathroom can be a sanctuary in the home. The place you start and end your days, relaxing in the bath, performing beauty rituals, and winding down. Having a beautiful space makes these moments so much more enjoyable.


Renovating a bathroom is no small task, and a full reno can be expensive and time consuming. A few simple updates to your bathroom can create a beautifully luxurious space, without too much hassle. Consider colour palettes and materials; simple is best and a more minimal approach will give a more expensive feel. Stick to neutrals, with maybe a pop of one or two colours. Opting for materials such as marble and glass will match most colour ways, as well as textures of velvet or linen for added luxury.

Here are a few more tips:


Creating the right lighting can really elevate a space, especially if there is not much natural light in your bathroom. Try adding a beautiful lamp or hanging light. A statement mirror is another way to not only accessorise but create space and bring light to the room.


If space permits, adding a stool or chair can be an elegant addition to the bathroom (throw on a fluffy blanket for extra glam). A side table is another piece that can be functional and artistic, used for displaying florals, art or scented accessories.


Luxurious bathrooms smell divine, so scented candles, oil burners or diffusers are all good additions. Another nice accessory for vanities is a pretty tray to hold jewellery or face products.

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