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Clean environments enrich productivity: Dirty Dozen Cleaning

We all know that a clean and tidy environment is essential to human well-being. Grime and clutter impede progress, while ordered surroundings not only please the eye, but help us to think and function so much better.

Dirty Dozen Cleaning Services is a locally owned and operated business.

Its reputation as being a leading cleaning service is evidenced by the loyal customer base it has built over the years.

This is a cleaning company that recognises there’s a vast variance in client needs and thereby tailors its cleaning services to the commercial, office and residential sectors.

Because it’s not a franchise, clients are assured of direct dealing with the company. All staff are security vetted and thoroughly trained to the highest professional standard.

For the bigger picture on the comprehensive range of services provided by this quality assured cleaning company, it’s recommended to visit the website (see below) to find which cleaning service best fits your requirements.

And yes, if you’re wondering about that famous film, owner Michael Munemo thought it the perfect name for the business he owns with wife Elshinah. Dirty Dozen Cleaning Services, it’s the name you just can’t forget.



Call Dirty Dozen Cleaning Services on (03) 3413103 or email via


No.1 in car washing: Auto Express Wash

Quickest, cleanest, greenest



Using the latest technology and a state-of-the-art water reclaiming system, Auto Express Wash has revolutionised the way we keep our vehicles sparkling clean.

Located at 530b Sawyers Arms Road, the company has streamlined the car washing process, eliminating any hard work, queues or delays.

Once you’ve checked in at the paystation, your vehicle connects to the Express Tunnel Wash conveyor system and your car is clean in just four minutes.

Auto Express Wash recycles 80 percent of water used, as well as stocks biodegradable soaps and detergents.

The efficient reclaiming system also means they only use the required amount of water needed during each wash.

Multiple cars can use the car wash at once, meaning up to 200 can be cleaned at the site per hour.

As well as the car wash, you can also opt for the Super Dry & Shine polish service, a Silicon Tyre Shine, and a six-bay vacuum area is also available for customer use.

While you’re visiting Auto Express Wash, also look into their Barking Clean Self-Serve Dog Wash; Air Care Sanitiser; fleet and corporate options, and pre-paid wash cards.

For more, call 0800 5333 555 or email


Lather Up

It’s always cool to keep clean and soap is soaring in popularity again, as a low-packaging, plastic-free option. We’ve pulled together our top tips for getting sudsy.



I’m melting! Don’t let your soap follow in the footsteps of the Wicked Witch of the West and melt away from a splash of water! A slatted soap dish is a handy way to allow the soap to dry.

High = dry: When it comes to soap, the higher the dryer. Keep the soap bar up high and away from the direct shower stream.

Piece by piece: cut your bar of soap into pieces, a smaller surface area means less soap touches the water. Therefore there’ll be less waste.

Love the loafer: Your hands aren’t the best option to create lather, so you’ll be rubbing it for longer to get those soapy suds. A washcloth or loafer will get you nice and soapy much more efficiently.


10 easy eco swaps

Sustainability and eco-consciousness may be the hottest buzzwords of 2020, but neither of these concepts require significant time and resource. In fact, simply by swapping ‘this’ for ‘that’, you can help your home tread more lightly on the earth.

  1. Beeswax buzz: Say no to single-use plastic wrap and instead opt for an alternative option – beeswax food wraps. They are the big thing in food preservatives right now (everyone’s buzzing about it… including the bees). The wraps are reusable, biodegradable and are oh so awesome in this war on plastic.
  2. The last straw: On the topic of fighting against plastic, we have our next suggested swap – a stainless steel drinking straw. While the internet has somewhat turned these items in a joke about purely ‘saving the turtles’, that’s not their sole reason for being produced. Stainless steel straws = a sustainable solution.
  3. Light the way: Rather than fumbling around for the light switch on your way to the bathroom during the night, use the light from your window. Yes… you’re correct, it is dark at night. But we’re referring to the light during the day that will charge your solar powered nightlight. Not to mention, it’s also helpful to the power bill too.
  4. Second lease on life: Judging from the lead into this, the next suggestion is self-explanatory: but why not buy items second-hand such as clothing, furniture, electronics or even books? Not only is it cost efficient, but it’s also sustainable. That makes it a win-win.
  5. Say yes to soap bars: Rid yourself of the plastic containers that most body washes come in. Instead opt for a solid soap bar. Worried about it not lasting long enough? Buy a soap holder to ensure that it dries in between uses.
  6. Hung up… on plastic: How annoying is it when you go to hang something on the washing line and your plastic peg snaps? This can all be avoided with the transition to metal pegs! They won’t rust and they last much longer.
  7. Carry on: A plastic bag is a rare find these days – especially at the supermarket. But that doesn’t mean you should be a balancing act trying to carry everything in your arms back to your car. Buy a few reusable shopping bags then store them near your car keys after use, so you remember to put them back!
  8. A one trick pony: Paper towels are a single-use product. Once they’re wet, it’s sayonara. The answer is simple – washable dishrags.
  9. Something to smile about: Dentists recommend that you should change your toothbrush every two to three months. If those said toothbrushes are plastic… that’s not good for Mother Earth. Bamboo alternatives are great because they’re biodegradable.
  10. Lose the lightbulbs: A simple light switch is needed for your home to become one step closer to being eco-conscious. LED bulbs are a much better options and once again easy on the power bill.