Gold Rush

Gold Rush

Gold is adding its illustrious touch to our homewares this season. This magical metallic in its purest golden form will now out-shine recent trends of copper and bronze.


Gold Rush


Gold pairs beautifully with silver – a perfect balancing act that is easy on the eye. It doesn’t have to be all matching chrome in kitchens or bathrooms. The two opposing metals work really well, as does gold and black. Antiqued-gold and black furniture is now contemporary glamour.

The minimalism trend of Scandinavian style and neutral colour schemes are making way for décor of the dramatic kind. Think large gold-framed prints, glamorous gold mirrors or lamps, and adding gleam from table cloths and trinkets to ottomans and cushions. Gold is a winning combination when paired with the latest jewelled fabrics and interesting textures.

The secret is to sprinkle the Midas touch sparingly throughout the house – rather than grouping the whole stash – unless it is a cabinet of gilded wine glasses. This especially goes for brass pieces – think classy, not brassy.


Position away from the glaring sunlight however, you can afford to be a little more brazen if there is a dark space to brighten. Paint with a gold shimmer can be used creatively for walls and cornices to cupboards and knobs.



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