In full swing

In full swing

They’re swinging back into fashion; indoor swings, outdoor swings – swings are everywhere!


In full swing


The mid-century, egg-shaped cane swinging chair hung on balconies in the swinging 60s. Recently new renditions swung back into vogue – then they really took off. Something so fun, cool and comfortable won’t just be a passing trend.

Hanging securely from ceilings and stands in our bay windows, sunrooms, courtyards and lounges, swings come in rattan, cane, black, white, retro, bohemian, futuristic, couches or chairs, simple or oversized bubbles.

Our innate love of a gentle motion to relax is no longer reserved for tropical-holiday hammocks, as homes become havens. Swing chairs are glorious in the garden. A place to catch the afternoon sun and nod off.

Swing chairs are great for kids’ rooms. Reading a book in their own swaying cocoon can’t be a chore.



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