Packed with personality

Packed with personality

Thankfully a century later we have a somewhat extended selection when it comes to our automotive options, so we checked out some of the popular colour choices and what they may say about your personality.

Packed with personality


Black is said to be the ultimate power colour, with its understated style and elegance

Friendly and easy to get along with, the drivers of orange cars like to be the centre of attention

If white is your thing, you’re likely to be fairly meticulous

The drivers of blue cars are said to be reliable and trustworthy

Champagne or other variations of brown are likely to be thrifty and sensible

Red cars are not for the timid and chances are you’ve got a zest for life

If you’re well balanced and traditional in your outlook, you may just have a green car

Meanwhile, owners of yellow cars are likely to be young at heart, with a great sense of humour



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