Pain being a pain: Freedom Health Pilates

Have you ever suffered an injury or pain that felt like it was never going to get better? Do you remember feeling how hard life became? It wasn’t just the pain. it was the energy it took to move, the loss of self-esteem and the sense of sadness that you could no longer do what […]

Looking deeper: Freedom Health

Do you have injuries and niggles that seem to keep recurring? Or a pain that just never seems to get better despite seeing numerous health professionals? Cath Julius, Physiotherapist at Freedom Health Physiotherapy and Pilates, tells Metropol how we need to look beyond the surface for long term solutions.       “This is a […]

Pilates at home: Freedom Health Pilates

Have you heard about reformer Pilates but thought the equipment looked too hard or scary? Worried it may not help your specific injuries? Or just can’t find a class time and location that works for you? Freedom Health Physiotherapy and Pilates owner Cath Julius tells Metropol why reformer is good for everybody – and how […]

Four post-natal recovery myths: Freedom Health

With so much pressure to ‘get your body back’ after pregnancy, it can be overwhelming to decipher what is ‘normal’ and how and when to safely return to physical exercise. In this article, the Women’s Health Physiotherapy team at Freedom Health debunk some common myths about postnatal recovery.     Incontinence after birth is inevitable. […]

Get your hips moving!

If you suffer from hip pain, don’t just put it down to ‘old age’. With the right advice and treatment, you may be relieved to realise how quickly you can improve.     “Do I need a hip replacement?” This is often the first place people’s minds wander to when they start experiencing hip pain. […]

Exercising into your 40s and beyond: Freedom Health

From increased bone density to better muscle mass and heart health, there is no doubt that exercise is an important part of staying healthy for women who are 40 and beyond. Cath Julius, Clinical Director at Freedom Health Physio and Pilates, gives a few simple tips for making exercise work for you.     Acknowledge […]

Freedom Health

Life-long body confidence: Freedom Health

Freedom Health Physiotherapy & Pilates Clinical Director Cath Julius tells Metropol about how we can maintain body confidence throughout all the stages of life.     Are you starting to realise that body confidence is not just about what size clothes you wear or what number your scales read? In your 20s, fit and healthy […]