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Freedom Health Physiotherapy & Pilates Clinical Director Cath Julius tells Metropol about how we can maintain body confidence throughout all the stages of life.


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Are you starting to realise that body confidence is not just about what size clothes you wear or what number your scales read? In your 20s, fit and healthy means wearing clothes that make you feel good and look a certain way. But there comes a time in life when you realise that confidence in your body is so much deeper than that.

For athletes it comes when getting out of bed the morning after a competition lacks the usual spring and ease. For mums it may be after having a baby and suddenly facing the realisation that even a quick run across the road doesn’t feel ‘secure’ anymore. For others, it’s when you start to find getting up off the floor ‘hard’. But whatever the trigger, I hear the same question every day – “is this it; is this all I can expect from my body from now on?”

The answer from me is a resounding NO! Too often people put their aches, pains and difficulties down to the ‘normal aging process’, or they’re told to just accept that they can no longer do the activities they love. But it really doesn’t have to be this way. Movement is a basic requisite for happiness – and you deserve to enjoy the freedom and confidence your body has to offer. So how can you stay supple, strong and fit – and keep doing what you love beyond your 20s and well into your retired years?


Freedom Health


Find a love of regular movement and activity

Move in lots of different directions and lots of different ways

If you have specific injuries or illness, seek help from experts and never accept ‘I’m just too old’ as an excuse from yourself.

The first step is to find a solution that works for you. If you’ve been inactive or have a specific injury or illness, this will require some professional input and our team can help.

From traditional physiotherapy, to Pilates and Movement Rehab, Freedom Health even incorporates Women’s Health Physios and a Pilates Class Membership Program. From injury to wellness, the Freedom Health team can devise a movement solution for you.



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