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Healing from concussion: Gill Redden Cranio

Concussion can cripple. Even an old concussion is treatable and that treatment is necessary. Gill Redden specialises in the treatment of these mild brain injuries using CranioSacral Therapy (Cranio).


 Gill Redden Cranio


“If the head is impacted by the force of a head knock or mild brain trauma, this causes the head bones to jam up. The membranes surrounding and protecting the brain and forming the spinal canal, then twist and tighten to try to accommodate these jammed bones. What I do is physically help unjam or free up these cranial bones through quiet, gentle manipulation. This fast, unique, gentle unjamming of bones, organs, membranes and nerves by CranioSacral Therapy is missing from conventional treatments.”

Gill is a highly qualified and globally respected CranioSacral practitioner. As a trained CranioSacral therapist she uses finely tuned palpation skills. Cranio is so gentle that even newborn babies are treated with this non-invasive, drug-free, manual technique.
Concussion takes time to heal. Too often people return to a full-on, active life before their brain has recovered from the impact of a concussion. This may add months on to recovery times or cause ongoing issues to health and wellbeing. Exercise such as walking is also recommended, but just to a person’s comfortable threshold.

If you feel you may still be suffering from the effects of a concussion or would like to help prevent problems in future years from an old concussion, book an appointment. Phone 03 365 7801 or find out more at



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