Shaping planet Earth’s future

  From taking public transport to buying second hand, there are easy ways for everyone to reduce their carbon footprint.     Some countries make the process of becoming eco-friendly easier for their citizens than other countries do, and according to new research just released, New Zealand ranks among the world’s top 20 most caring […]

Feed the native birds

  Setting up a feeding station in your garden is one way to attract native birds, and also to ensure our precious feathered friends have enough to eat during the harsher months.     New Zealand Forest and Bird encourages residents to supplement the feed of native birds – many of which eat nectar, fruit, […]

Erosion & sediment control experts: MBC Environmental Solutions

Our unique paradise islands are parked squarely in the Roaring 40s and one upshot is that while we can always count on plenty of weather, there is an unpredictability in just what that weather will be. The drylands of Canterbury graphically illustrated the volatility of our climate by becoming very wet indeed, in a short […]

Tree-ting our environment: Ricoh NZ

Urban tree plantings have been found to improve people’s mental and physical health, improve air quality, conserve water, preserve soil, and support wildlife.     Ricoh is a company committed to the environment and actively involved with planting thousands of urban native trees through its annual Big Green Day Out. This year’s plant-a-thon helped beautify […]

10 easy eco swaps

Sustainability and eco-consciousness may be the hottest buzzwords of 2020, but neither of these concepts require significant time and resource. In fact, simply by swapping ‘this’ for ‘that’, you can help your home tread more lightly on the earth. Beeswax buzz: Say no to single-use plastic wrap and instead opt for an alternative option – […]

Celebrating carbon footprint reduction: YHA New Zealand

YHA New Zealand has reconfirmed its carboNZeroCertTM certification by celebrating a 21 percent reduction in carbon emissions since 2016.     This celebration comes off the back of its nomination for the Environmental category of the New Zealand Tourism Awards. Both achievements represent a challenge from YHA to the rest of the tourism industry. “Our […]