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Here comes the sun: Patisserie YAHAGI

Patisserie YAHAGI is a small family-run shop at Church Corner mall. Like many other small businesses, they worried about their future during the lockdown period.



Owner-patissier, Eri Yahagi, considered other ways to provide her desserts and cakes such as using a delivery platform when the lockdown ended. But she knew that her elaborately decorated gateaux were too delicate to deliver and she couldn’t afford the extra costs associated with delivery.

At that moment, she decided that the best thing she could do was to just continue making delicious sweets and hope that the customers would return to her shop after the lockdown.

When the lockdown was over, Eri started preparing exquisite delicacies as she usually would and announced, on their Facebook page, that her patisserie would reopen safely.

Upon reopening, she was appreciative of the immediate positivity she received through kind messages of support and many of her loyal customers paying her a visit.

She soon found herself in a fortunate position where she realised that while she was waiting to reopen her shop, her fans were waiting to get their hands on their favourite treats.

Eri explains her latest creation at Patisserie YAHAGI is Soleil. Soleil (which translates to sun in French) is a cheese mousse dessert made from cream cheese and fresh-squeezed orange juice with almond sponge and tart pastry base.

Eri hopes that her, “Soleil will make people happy, like a ray of sunshine in winter, especially in the current tough situation”.


Church Corner’s Preschool Pre-fab: Keith Hay Homes

Keith Hay Homes is a family-owned company celebrating 80 years of building homes, commercial spaces, and educational facilities. Recently, Leigh Gibbs from the Christchurch branch has partnered with St. Peter’s Anglican Preschool to build the new learning facility.



Located at 25 Yaldhurst Road, the opening of St. Peter’s Anglican Preschool will again enable the education of children on Church Corner – thus the motto: ‘Bringing children back to Church Corner’. Tony Bracefield, a representative of the preschool, also states, “The preschool is open to all children of all backgrounds. Hence the vision to reach out to children in the local area.”

Explaining the process of choosing Keith Hay Homes for the project, Tony asserts, “We looked at a range of options for the new preschool. The Keith Hay Homes design was excellent value and the team was excited to build their first preschool in Christchurch. Time proved our decision was correct since they built a magnificent preschool.”

You can rely on Keith Hay Homes and its Christchurch branch from start to finish. The company’s pre-fabricated buildings are constructed in building yards and then transported to the project site for final finishes. After successfully building St. Peter’s Anglican Preschool, Christchurch Branch Manager Leigh Gibbs is looking forward to building more learning facilities throughout Christchurch.

Learn more about Keith Hay Homes’ services by visiting or calling 0800 KEITH HAY (534 844). For more information about St. Peter’s Anglican Preschool and enrolment visit


Patisserie Yahagi

Award Winning Treats: Patisserie Yahagi

What comes to your mind upon hearing the word ‘Opera’? Most will think of opera as the performing arts. Some will visualise the Sydney Opera House. However, many regular customers of Patisserie Yahagi, at Church Corner Mall in Upper Riccarton, will imagine the Opera Cake.

Patisserie Yahagi
The Opera Cake is a French cake named after the Opera House in Paris


The Opera Cake is a French cake named after the Opera House in Paris. It is made with layers of almond sponge cake soaked in coffee syrup, layered with chocolate ganache and coffee buttercream, and covered in a chocolate glaze. Unfortunately, when Eri Yahagi, the owner of Patisserie Yahagi, opened her shop in 2009, Opera Cakes were not well-known because only a few shops sold them in Christchurch.So, when Eri first began to sell her beautiful Opera Cakes in her shop, she explains that many customers asked her if it was a tiramisu, to which she has always responded with a smile, “No. This is Opera. It’s not an Italian cake but a French cake. You must try it, once.”
Fast forward seven years and the only question that her customers ask is, “Can I have your award-winning Opera?” Her exquisite Opera even won the Gold Award, winning in the Café Dessert Section of New Zealand Bakery of the Year in 2010 – and they can easily be enjoyed along with other award-winning cakes that await at Patisserie Yahagi.
If cake lovers have never tried Patisserie Yahagi’s Opera Cake, they have been missing out on a great opportunity to step into the Christchurch Opera House!

The Horse and Jockey

A sporty spot: The Horse and Jockey on Yaldhurst Rd

At 8 Yaldhurst Road, a hop, skip and a jump from Riccarton race course, you’ll find a great place to not only have a cold beer and some great food, but perhaps some top accommodation too!

The Horse and Jockey

The Horse and Jockey is a popular little spot with great deals for those looking for more than just your average sports bar. With 2 for 1 steak nights on Monday – that’s two steaks for $25 – and quiz night on Tuesday; Wednesday night is a DJ night and, with Canterbury University just around the corner, it’s good for students too.
Perhaps you could take the odd punt on a nag or two at the TAB or have a flutter on the pokies. The sports bar also supports local sports teams, so it’s the ideal location to catch up with your mates after the game or even talk to them about sponsorship. You can make it your clubrooms for your sport. That’s right, they get involved because they’re local.
With brews to suit most tastes and a great deal on Mumms Champagne for extra special celebrations, it’s worth dropping in to see what’s happening. If you’re a rep on the road or just needing some good accommodation there are 23 fully enclosed suites upstairs.
There is even room service but who wants to stay upstairs when you have a bar filled with friendly staff and a great set of locals to enjoy the company of? Great for business trips, great for fun, The Horse and Jockey is your next visit for a great time out.

Seven Cafe

A cool cafe vibe: a visit to Riccarton’s popular Seven Cafe

The atmosphere in Seven Café at 11am is warm and welcoming. “This is coffee time and people really enjoy getting together for a chat,” says Vivi Xu, café owner.

Seven Cafe

As one customer is about to leave the café she remarks, “I especially like the vibe here. Do you cater for private functions? I have been looking for somewhere casual and not too big for my daughter’s 21st birthday celebration.”
She has come to the right place. Seven Café is very popular for 21st birthdays – or any birthday bash for that matter. It’s perfect too for corporate functions, engagement parties, baby showers or hens’ parties. From 5pm onwards, the café transforms into a function space for the exclusive use of the customer who has booked it.
“We have room for up to 50 guests,” Vivi says. “Our usual liquor licence is until 11pm, but we can assist customers to apply for an extended licence if that is what they require. In keeping with the informal theme for which we are known, we provide platters with all different kinds of finger foods – meats and cheeses, savoury items and sweet treats. People can simply help themselves.”
But Seven Café offers more than the inside of the café itself. Its outdoor marquee and courtyard can be booked for groups of 10-30 during the usual opening hours. It’s a unique meeting space ideal for breakfast, working lunches and meetings – and of course the café’s famous and much sought-after ‘High Tea’.
To enquire about holding your function at Seven Café call 03-348 1886 or email

Patisserie Yahagi

Sweet love: Patisserie Yahagi gets their joy from bringing happiness through the giving and receiving of food

When you work within or establish a new business, what makes you the happiest?

Patisserie Yahagi

For Eri Yahagi, the owner of Patisserie Yahagi at Church Corner mall in Upper Riccarton, happiness comes in knowing that her customers enjoy her desserts and cakes, but especially when they pass that joy on to their dearest people.
These were posted on the Facebook page of one of her customers on Valentine’s Day.

Heath Wells posted at 16:05 on his Facebook:

“It’s Valentine’s Day and I cannot think of anything nicer for Heather than a sweet treat from what is, in my opinion, the best patisserie here in Christchurch, Patisserie Yahagi…
This is their creation to celebrate today – a heart shaped raspberry and chocolate mousse.”

Heath Wells posted at 16:33 posted on his Facebook:

“So this just happened… This morning Heather Wells and I had a conversation along the lines of Valentine’s Day being a commercialised thing and we wouldn’t buy into it and get each other anything. Of course I was like, ‘Yeah right! As if I would not get something’. So, as per my previous post, I went along to Patisserie Yahagi and got that heart shaped treat…
Well, it seems Heather Wells had similar thoughts, and also called into Patisserie Yahagi on the way home and picked up this gorgeous looking chocolate tart! Great minds think alike!”

This heartwarming story is right at the heart of what Eri loves most about her business. “They got their desserts from Patisserie Yahagi for each other because they thought this was the best for each other!”
And so Eri will continue to bake her desserts and cakes to make people you love like your partner, family and friends happy. Who’s your special someone that you want to treat with Patisserie Yahagi’s creations?