Baby Aston is born

Developed by Aston Martin and The Little Car Company, the DB5 Junior is a two thirds-scale electric DB5 which the young, and young at heart, can whiz around in ‘til their heart’s content.     The detail is staggering, with all the details found on the real DB5 replicated with incredible authenticity. It even has […]

Staggering Superleggera

THE ASTON MARTIN DBS SUPERLEGGERA IS NOTHING SHORT OF STAGGERING. ASTON MARTIN’S NEW FLAGSHIP IS WINNING FANS EVERYWHERE, INCLUDING THIS WRITER AFTER A MERE TWO DAYS IN ITS COMPANY.     The DBS Superleggera is based on the same platform as the DB11, but don’t think for a moment it’s the same car. The giveaway […]

Grand Tourer with attitude

THE ASTON MARTIN DB11 IS ALREADY A FINE CAR, BUT IN THIS WRITER’S OPINION, A BIT TOO SOFT AND GT-ESQUE. Aston Martin has gone two steps further to separate the V12 from the V8 in the line-up. Enter the $355,000 DB11 AMR; the Grand Tourer with the attitude that the DB11 V12 always should have. […]

2019 Aston Martin Vantage

Aston’s Perfect Storm: 2019 Aston Martin Vantage

The plan was simple: spend three days in Auckland driving the most eagerly anticipated Aston Martin for years – the 2019 Vantage.     The new car is the first completely all new Vantage since the first generation launched in 2006, and boy they did not muck around with the rebuild. Aston Martin claims the […]