Gin-tastic!: Curiosity Gin

Curiosity Gin is rebranding and relaunching with a new logo and bottle, but it hasn’t changed the Genièvre that Cantabrians have come to love so much.     Found in the finest of bars, the logo has been displayed at the distillery at 11 Sandyford Street for the past few months but the new bottles […]

Raise a glass

We’re quickly heading into entertaining season, so it’s time to raise a glass to the exciting new bevvies that are being made right here, in our own Kiwi backyard.   1. The Fermentist Christchurch-based craft brewery, The Fermentist, is bringing the nation its first carboNZero certified beer, following product certification by Enviro-Mark Solutions for its […]

Alcohol Consulting Group

Hospo Help for Alcohol Licensing: Alcohol Consulting Group

A successful hospitality business in the 21st century requires not just the magic mix of taste and style with an acute business sense, but also a deep knowledge of the regulatory environment.     The Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act, 2012 considerably increased the responsibilities of hospitality owners. With an overarching objective of ‘minimising […]

The secret’s out!

The secret’s out! Alcohol’s hidden secrets

At the height of the 1920s prohibition era, when the possession, purchase and consumption of alcohol in the US was illegal, there were as many as a hundred thousand illicit booze joints in New York alone!     Speakeasies, as they came to be known – because they were only spoken of quietly – sprang […]